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Avon Upper River

Wild brown trout and grayling fishing on the Upper Avon chalk stream near Upavon. Excellent fly water for dry fly or nymph fishing but not encumbered with purist rules. Wet fly tactics and wading allowed. Trout season 15th May to 15th October, grayling 15th October to 28th February. Call 01980 630008 or 07770 92254.

Google Map Reference 51.293255, -1.809519 Post Code SN9 6EB (nearest points)

Checked 28/01/19

Avon Springs

Near Durrington, a two lake spring fed fishery on the banks of the Avon, 3 and 5 acres each stocked with rainbows 2lbs to double figures.

There is also a 1 mile stretch of the Upper Avon for brown trout and grayling. Brown trout April to October, grayling October to March. Frank Sawyer country, for me the excitement of the induced take on gin clear water never fades over time. Don't you just hate it when a stockie scoots in and takes your fly before the biggie you were stalking gets to it? Grrrrrr!

There is a club house and facilities for disabled anglers.

Call 01980 653557 or 07774801401.

Google Map Reference 51.200449, -1.767874 Post Code SP4 8HH.

Checked 02/12/18

Manningford Trout Fishery

The fishery has 2 lakes fed by water from the river Avon. The lakes are Manor Lake, a 4.5 acre water and Squires Lake, 1.5 acres. They also have 2 miles of fishing on the river Avon for wild brown trout and grayling. Various season tickets available, full day and half day for trout and full day for grayling.

There is a lodge with a picnic area and toilets. Call 07544 801844.

Google Map 51.314299, -1.811744 Post Code SN9 6NR

Checked 28/01/19

Mill Farm Trout Lakes

Mill Farm is a purpose built fly fishery with 2 lakes over 12 acres.The lakes are Kingfisher, floating line only and Swallow, floating and sinking lines. One fly only. Stocked daily with fish ranging from 2lbs to doubles.

There is a lodge on site where you can get snacks and refreshments, a tackle shop, there are male and female toilets.

Call 07500 615396 or 01380 813138.

Google Map 51.307394, -2.028297 Post Code SN10 5UW

River Wylye

0.75 miles fishing on a famous chalk stream on Langford Nature Reserve. The river is natural, holding wild brown trout and grayling. Fishing is on a catch and release basis only. There is an anglers cabin on site

Google Map 51.132589, -1.948104 Post Code SP3 4NH

Checked 28/01/19


The Wye threads its way through both Wales and England and was histiriaclly one of the best salmon rivers in the country. No longer the river iit once was the Wye is recovering and it is hoped that the demise of the Irish drift nets will restore the river to its legendary state. It is recovering too and what can we expect when it comes good? Stopping for a pint and a meal in a pub in Hoarwithey the evidence of past glories was displayed in cases on the bar wall, salmon to make the mouth water and by reports the big uns are still about. Armastone near Hoarwithy produced a 51lb fish, one of two to Mr Wynndham in 1914, the second one was just a 40+ pounder.

Wye and Usk Foundation

Offer a Fishing Passport scheme giving access to 50k of river, go to Wye and Usk Fishing Passport  for further details of this excellent scheme which offers fishing for salmon, wild brown trout, grayling and a variety of species of course fish. Day tickets or season available.


2 miles available for fly / spinning on 3 beats with 19 named pools (Very good trout fishing too.), fishes best for salmon May and June. Google Map Reference 52.140837, -3.009327


1 mile single bank with 18 pools for 3 rods, days or weeks. Google Map Reference 51.946017, -2.643656

Carrots Fishery

Hutton's famed beat, fly fishing over 2.5 miles for 2 rods per beat let on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Google Map Reference 52.039928, -2.657952

Coedithel Fishery

This beat is the nearest to the sea, 2.75 miles of double bank fishing that benefits when there is low water with fresh fish coming up with the tide. Google Map Reference 51.720024, -2.684847

Golden Mile

Between Hereford and Ross offering 1 mile double bank with a ghillie and 2 boats, 3 rods per day, best March to July. 51.990545, -2.629055


1 mile mostly double bank at Erwood, good fly water fishing for salmon, sea trout, grayling and Shad. 4 rods available daily 15h April - 30th June and 15th Sept - 17th Oct. Call the Wye and Usk Foundation on 01982 551520 Google Map Reference 52.078064, -3.316489


2 miles double bank, 10 pools for 4 rods with two boats. Best in spring through to June / July.

Letton Court

3 beats over 1.5 miles for 2 rods per beat, fly / spin. Call 07886 707448 or 01544 321972.

Google Map Reference 52.112800, -2.983181 POst Code HR3 6DH

Checked 28/01/19

Llangoed fishing includes Dol Nendwy, Orchard, Home Catch and Llangoed Pools

Fishing for salmon, trout, big chub and pike and shad. 2 salmon and trout rods available daily 15h April - 30th June and 15th Sept - 17th Oct. Call the Wye and Usk Foundation on 01982 551520. Google Map Reference 52.052984, -3.279007

Lower Carrots, Lugg Mouth Fishery

A spring fishery of about half a mile down to the Luggs Junction Pool which includes the famous Oxford Pool, best March to June. Google Map Reference 52.030958, -2.636526

Lower Wyesham and Dukes

2.5 mile double bank near Monmouth offering day and weeks. Google Map Reference 51.808308, -2.711307

The Rocks

1 mile single bank left bank, 1 mile above Bluith Wells for salmon, trout, grayling and big chub. Rods available15h April - 30th June and 15th Sept - 17th Oct at ahigher rate, week / season rods available at no fishing on Fridays. Call the Wye and Usk Foundation on 01982 551520 Google Map Reference 52.160563, -3.419243


1 mile double bank spin / fly with daily rods available. Google Map Reference 51.841053, -2.631640

Upper Bigswear and Redbrook

1 mile right bank from the old railway bridge 2 miles left bank, good fly wate. Google Map Reference 51.742753, -2.669747

Whitney Court Fishery

3 miles mostly double bank with 5 beats for 2 rods per beat, daily lets.Google Map Reference 52.120560, -3.073648