Where to Fish for Ferox

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Loch Lee

Wild brown trout and char on this glacial loch, (max 6 char per boat) from Dalhousie Estate, call 01356 670208. I read that there were salmon on Loch Lee too and as it is on the head waters of the North Esk who knows, do you, let me know? Google Map Reference 56.903203, -2.945522

Checked 01/07/18


Kimelford Lochs

Half way between Oban and Lochgilphead , 6 hill lochs offering a variety of wild fishing opportunities for brown trout, rainbows and Arctic Char. Permits from the Culfail Hotel and the local post office in Kimelford. For boats call 01631 563305.

Loch a Phearsain

Brown trout and char. Google Map Reference 56.266520, -5.464942

Loch na Mhinn

Brown trout, rainbow trout and char. Google Map Reference 56.259548, -5.447003

Lochan Losgainn Beag

Google Map Reference 56.252505, -5.446686

Loch na Curragh

Big Feinn

Google Map Reference 56.275122, -5.440453

Wee Feinn

Loch na Sailm

Google Map Reference 56.275904, -5.428872

Loch A' Chaorainn

Google Map Reference 56.267476, -5.420716

Loch a Phearsain

Brown trout and char. Google Map Reference 56.266520, -5.464942

Loch na Mhinn

Brown trout, rainbow trout and char. Google Map Reference 56.259548, -5.447003

Checked 01/07/18


Loch Insh

Actic Char, brown trout, some feral rainbows, pike to 30lb plus and salmon all in one loch. No bank fishing, 2 boats for hire, outboards available for hire.

Permits from the water sports centre at Loch Insh from May to September, call 01540 651272.

Google Map Reference 57.119732, -3.929807

Checked 05/07/18

Loch Alvie

Wild brown trout and some exceptional pike as well as char. Permits from Alvie Estate Office call 01540 651255 or from the Dalraddy Caravan Park 01479 810330.

Google Map Reference 57.163274, -3.876334

Checked 05/07/18


Talla Reservoir,

300 acres of fishing near Tweedsmuir, brown trout and arctic char, permits from the Broughton Shop (Broughton, on the A710 north of Talla).

Google Map Reference 57.163274, -3.876334

Checked 05/07/18


Loch Calder

The largest of the lochs Calder is also deeper (up to 85 feet) consequently it holds char and ferox as well as a good head of brown trout averaging half to three quarters of a pound. Drounray FAC has 20 boats on a number of the top Caithness lochs including Watten, Heilen, Calder, St Johns and 7 others. Loch Watten, approximately 3.5 miles long and up to half a mile wide this shallow (max 12 feet) marl loch offers boat fishing, strictly fly only, for brown trout. Watten is renowned as one of the best trout lochs in the country with fish of 2 to 3 lbs taken regularly. Visitors can book boats on some of the lochs through Harper’s Fly Fishing Services, 57 High Street, Thurso. 01847 893179. Google Map Reference 58.577317, -3.745400

Google Map Reference 58.524435, -3.594897

Checked 28/06/18

Fort William

Loch Arkaig

Brown trout, pike (30lb+) and ferox (up to double figures) on this large loch. Bank and boat fishing available. Fish the shallow sandy margins for trout (av three quartes of a pound) Trawl in the deep water for ferox but some ferox even fall to the fly here.

The pike are big.

Permits from the Honesty Box at the pier on the loch or call 01397 / 712116 / 07879437471

56.971429, -5.123628

Checked 07/07/18

Loch Garry

At 1100 acres and up to 200 feet deep Loch Gary is a challenging bit of water to fish but it contains some whoppers. One upon a time it held the record for the largest fly caught brown trout. The loch has brown trout, ferox, pike, char and some salmon so you can have interesting times on any day if you know where to go. Large trout over 45cm are to be returned however facilities on the boats are provided to minimise stress to the fish, great idea in this selfie mad world where fish are often man handled too much before being released.

There are variety of boats available from 16ft with a cuddy to canoes!  Safety on a big water is essential so equipment is provided along with powerful outboards. In the Highlands stormy weather can arrive in minutes, it's always good to know you have boats designed to cope. For bookings contact Mark on 07770 541496. Guiding services are available.

Google Map Reference 57.078474, -4.862546

Checked 06/07/18

Loch Inlaggan

Fishing is managed by  Loch Garry Fishing, contact Mark on 07770 541496. Google Map Reference 57.069084, -5.012787

Checked 06/07/18

Loch Quoich

9 miles long and rugged not for the faint hearted. Rumours of big, very big brown trout as well as ferox and lkots of Actic char. Can't find a contact for permits but someone in Glengarry might be able to point you in the right direction. If you get a contact let know please.

Google Map ref 57.070865, -5.268612


Loch Oich

Good brown trout, big pike but no information on permits now the Tomdoun Hotel is gone.

Google Map Reference 57.067821, -4.774394

Checked 05/07/18

Loch Awe

Loch Awe

Loch Awe Angling Improvement Association was set up to manage the fishing on Loch Awe and Loch Avich. Working closely with the Argyll Fisheries Trust they are responsible for the great improvements in the loch which has seen it produce 4 British Record wild brown trout in recent years.

Awe undoubtedly has a British record pike in it yet to be caugh (record so far 35lbs)and there are escapee rainbows that have flourished in the loch to become serious contenders in the big fish stakes. The loch also has a good stock of coarse fish, 1lb plus pike and roach around Kilchum Castle and Dalavich, something for everyone on Loch Awe.

Permits from the Ardbrecknish boat yard, call 07899 459705

Google Map Reference 56.299310, -5.229401

Checked 02/07/18

Isle of Lewis

Stornoway Angling Association,

Stornoway AA have fishing for members on 12 lochs for brown trout and salmon, fishing on the river Creed and on Loch Langavat. There are 4 boats.

The lochs are:

Loch A Bhuna (BT), Achmore (BT), Airigh na Lic (BT, S, ST) Airigh nam Gleann (BT), Airigh Riabhad (BT), Beag na Craibhe (BY) Breuach Leniscal (BT), Loch na Craibhe (BT), Loch Nam Falcog (BT), Loch nam Eilean (BT), Orasaig (BT), Vatandip (BT).

Fishing on loch Langavat is interesting. 9 miles long, salmon, from June/ July onwards, brown trout, char. There are 2 boats and a bunkhouse you can stay overnight in for an additional charge.

The club has salmon and sea trout fishing on the river Creed and 2 lochs Loch Chlachain (2 boats) and Loch an Ois (2 boats). Season tickets are available to both locals and visitors at a very reasonable cost for a river producing 164 (salmon) 355 (sea trout) 5 years average. Boats booked at Angus Campbells Filling Station call 01851 702127.

Membership is inexpensive, Juniors fish the Creed for free. Visitors can buy an associate membership ticket from Sportsworld in Stornoway.

Google Map Reference 56.964283, -2.209664

Checked 05/07/18



Loch Cluanie

Brown trout boat and bank fishing, a reputation for producing some very large trout. Some information suggests no permit required other say you need one. Try the Cluanie Inn, call 01809335021.

Google Map Reference 57.137588, -5.082249

Checked 08/09/18

Loch Ness

Brown tour fishing is I believe free.

The loch has char but you would need a boat, there are some organised fishing trips.

For salmon try the Whitebridge Hotel, call 01456 486226.

For such a significant loch there doesn't seem to be a lot of fishing going on here.



Loch Quoich

9 miles long and rugged not for the faint hearted. Rumours of big, very big brown trout as well as ferox and lots of Actic char. Can't find a contact for permits but someone in Glengarry might be able to point you in the right direction. If you get a contact let know please.

Google Map ref 57.070865, -5.268612




Loch Ericht

Badenoch Angling Club have fishing for trout fishing on the upper Spey, Loch Laggan and trout and char on loch Ericht plus some first class trout fishing at Spey Dam where they have 2 boats for hire. Permits from The Paper Shop Kingussie; The Glen Hotel, Balavi Hotel, Invernahon Caravan Park in Newtonemore, The Filling Station in Dalwhinnie, Laggan Country Hotel in Laggan. Contact the warden on 07511 458250. Google Map Reference 57.072392, -4.047423

Google Map Reference 56.907166, -4.291967

Checked 20/06/18

Loch Laidon

Brown trout and ferox on this large wild loch out on Rannoch Moor, permits from the Rannoch Station Hotel, have a look at the mounted fish in the bar. Laidon is renowned for the quality of the trout fishing in the wild. The B846 road ends at Rannoch Station, from there you walk across the railway line and down a track to the loch, there are 5 miles of loch ahead to explore, fishing the west bank you will be lucky (or unlucky) to meet anyone at all.

The next stop at the other end of Loch Laidon is Loch Ba and Glencoe.

For permits and information contact the Rannoch Station Tea Room, try 0845 601 5929‎ for further information.

Google Map Reference 56.646356, -4.653970

Checked 08/07/18

Loch Rannoch

The loch does hold some significant ferox. It is a deep loch, over 400 feet in places, as I recall so you will need to fish deep off a boat to get near.

Rannoch Estate have a big boat, bring your own outboard, call 07584062329.

Finnart lodge have 2 boats, again bring your own outboard. Call 0779524574.

You can do BYOB (bring your own boat and launch non motorised boats from the beach at Killicho or the slipway at Kinloch Rannoch. Motorised boats you pay a charge for.

Google Map Reference 56.692103, -4.291281

Checked 06/07/18

Loch Tay

Brown trout fishing, Arctic char and nowadays escapee rainbows of enormous proportions. Loch Tay offers both bank and boat fishing, float tubing is done with great caution as this is a large loch, 14 miles long, where the weather can change so quickly.

Permits from a number of sources;

Kenmore PO for East Loch AC water call 01887 830200.

James Bayne in Callander 01877 330218

Loch Tay Highland Lodge 01567 820323

Ardeonaig Hotel 01567 820400

Google Map Reference 56.524450, -4.131910

East Loch Angling Association (Loch Tay)

Control a sizeable part of the bank fishing for trout, salmon fishing is in the hands of riparian owners. Boat hire from the Loch Tay Boating Centre includes a permit to fish for trout. Google Map Reference 56.584305, -3.999289

Checked 08/07/18


Assynt Angling Group

The Assynt Angling Club and 8 local landowner have joined together to offer access to 150 lochs in the area including 20 lochs with boats.

2 boats have minor alterations to suit people with mobility problems.

The fishing is for wild brown trout and ferox with 5 lochs offering salmon and sea trout fishing. Trout average 6 to 12 ounces with a few fish over the 4lb mark taken every year. This is fishing in the raw, no stockies. Permits from a number of sources in the area with no extra charge for the salmon and sea trout fishing. Permits for salmon fishing on the Inver estuary from the Lochinver PO. For more information log on to www.assyntangling.co.uk Google Map Reference 58.173783, -5.035965

Checked 26/06/18

Loch Morar

Brown trout fishing in this very deep loch (deepest in Britain) big ferox with the occasional salmon and sea trout. For permits:

Loch Superintendent, Allt an Loin, Morar. Tel: 01687 462388 or 07787431962

Loch Morar Boat Hire Tel: 01687 462520

Morar Motors (Mon – Fri) Tel: 01687 462118

boats from Loch Morar Boat Hire have 6 good boats suitable for this big loch. 01687 462520.

Google Map Reference 56.951834, -5.700003

Checked 16/07/18

Scourie Hotel

25,000 acres of lochs, hill lochs and rivers to chose from, it will take you some time to explore, some lifetimes! There are 36 boats in different locations plus beats on Loch Stack and Loch More, six beats on the river Doinard with two beats available on application.There is salmon and brown trout fishing on the Duart system with sea trout appearing in recent years. Char can be taken on Loch Stack and Loch More (you must have a ghillie on Stack because of the dangerous submerged rocks). Salmon from June onwards, mostly grilse. If that's not enough the scenery is awe inspiring.

Contact the Scourie Hotel for permits on 01971 502396.

Google Map Reference 58.076508, -4.443443

Checked 08/07/18

Loch Shin, Lairg Angling Club

Lairg AC have the fishing rights on a number of lochs in central Sutherland including Loch Shin, Beannach and Craggie. Loch Craggie has always been a good water to fish. Even has a Mayfly hatch. On the way up to Craggie there is a wee loch on the left, Dola, do not miss it, I got is when a hatch was on and had half a dozen fish of about a pound all on the dry fly, day tickets are available.

Loch Shin is a prolific stretch of water 14 miles long with large numbers of fish in the half to three quarters of a pound range and the chance of something big coming along is always on your mind.. Boat and bank on Shin.

If wading remember this loch was dammed and now covers what was once moorland. I discovered an old peat cut and got a heck of a shock, luckingly it wasn't too deep. I particularly liked the area around the mouth of the Tirry and the Fiag, the bay at Shinnery and had a memorable day fishing down past the hydro station at the top end of the loch. For boat bookings call 01549 402980.

For a start try a 3 fly cast Greeenwell or March Brown top dropper,always Peter Ross Middle amd Silver or Bloody Butcher on the tail, best combo ever on a Highland loch, size 10 / 12. .For Beannach and Craggie permits from Dunroamin Caravan Park, Main Street Lairg. Tel 01549 402447

Google Map Reference 58.030134, -4.413953

Checked 02/07/18

The Trossachs

Loch Katrine

What a place to go fishing! Stunning scenery, tranquil, red deer on the hills, saw a golden eagle soar up by Glengyle, saw a shining green flash crash into my lure leaving me to wonder what might have been.

Brown trout, pike ferox, char all in this massive loch, 11 miles long, nearly a mile wide in places and over 500 feet deep, it's potential is scarly given that it has been so under fishing until recently and even the the numbers fishing are noxt comared with the size of the loch.

There is no bank fishing, substatial boats for hire though.

For pike the Glengoyle area is a prime location.

For trout, the first time I fished here we had a fishfinder on board and the reading showed that the depths are precipitous going from margins to a hundred plus feet in a short distance from the shore. So fish the margins.

Going out from Stronachlachar fished the south side down to the Gamekeepers cottage some good drifts on this shore. Another handy drift was on the north shore opposite Factors Island there is an other island in a bay. Worth a visit. Or up to the sahllows at the Glengoyne end. Fish around featres, submerged rocks even fence post. Try a Kate McLaren and a Bloody Butcher they worked for me.

Watch out, I've seen massive white cap waves roaring down the loch, if in doubt keep near the shore and make sure you have plenty of juice in the outboard battery, its a heck of a row!

Call Loch Katrine Fisheries on 07591 099 826

Google Map Ref 56.257709, -4.577829

Checked 08/07/18

Loch Lubnaig

Lubnaig is one of the Trossachs gems holding great stocks of wild fish including brown trout, ferox, char and perch, it also gets a run of salmon and sea trout. At 4 miles long and 700 yards long and up to 40 metres deep the loch is challenging. Day, week and season tickets. You can take your own boat but there is a fee for launching a boat, outboard are limited to 4 hp. Forestry Commission permits are very reasonably priced. Permits from James Bayne tackle shop in Callander, call 01877 330218.

Google Map Reference 56.289895, -4.290583

Checked 08/07/18

Loch Voil

At 3 miles long Loch Voil is another great Trossachs venue holding quality wild brown trout plus char, ferox. It also get a few salmon and sea trout.

James Bayne Fishing Tackle, 76, Main St, Callander, FK17 8BD, call 01877 330218.

Google Map Reference 56.347028, -4.423462

Checked 08/07/18