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DAERA Public Angling Estate Fisheries

Significant amounts of water are under the management of DAERA. You will need a DEARA Rod License and a permit to fish these waters. It is a fantastic gift to anglers in Northern Ireland offering access to salmon, sea trout, brown trout, stocked fisheries, coarse fishing, all for a one off season ticket which is not expensive and comes with great concessions for youngster, disabled and older folk.

Follow this link to find what is available in Tyrone:

Link to DAERA Public Water Estate Fisheries Tyrone

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Game Fishing

Annaginny Fishery

Trout fishery near Dungannon with 5 lakes, fly and bait fishing for rainbows to 20lbs. Good value tickets with discounts for pensioners and disabled anglers.

Call 028 8774 7808 or 07922276445

Google Map 54.545975, -6.759236 Post Code BT71 4DZ

Checked 14/05/19

Birchwood Trout Fishery

The fishery near Drumquin has 3 lakes all spring fed, gin clear waters. 2 lakes are for fly fishing while the third is a bait fishery.

Fish stocked are rainbows and steelheads ranging from 2lbs to a whopping 25lbs.

Permits are interestingly priced, just £6 for 1 fish up to £25 for 5 fish. Catch and release option available. The bait pond has a small fee and you pay per lb for fish taken. Fish over 4lbs to be returned or you pay per pound for it.

The fishery has good solid paths and platforms suitable for disabled anglers.

There is a lodge, tea coffee, tackle shop

Call 028 8283 1526 or 07712395586.

Google Map 54.617116, -7.513095 Post Code BT78 4PF

Checked 13/05/19

Burndennett River

Dennet AC

Have 15 miles of fishing for salmon, sea trout and brown trout on this medium sized river. Best known for its sea trout which peak in May and June it also fishes well for trout and grilse in a falling spate in June and July and gets a run of salmon averaging 15lbs from August to September.

Season tickets are inexpensive

Day tickets are available from Bridge Guns and Tackle in Strabane, Toms Tackle in Ardlough Rd and Rod and Line on Strand Rd in Londonderry.

Checked 13/05/1

Camowen Community Anglers

Camowen have fishing on the river Camowen near Drumduff which is a part of the Folye system. Good trout fishing with runs of salmon as might be expected on this prolific river.

The club is planning for the future enhancing access and improving the fishery. They aim to provide access for the less mobile and for disabled anglers and are developing a youth programme.

Membership is open and they are planning to issue day tickets soon.

Google Map 54.578008, -7.138694

Checked 13/07/19

Eskragh Fishery

Part of an outdorr centre the fishery which is just 1 mile from Dungannon is 54 acres of gin clear water.

Stocked every 3/4 weeks with fish 1 to 6lb the fish grow on well in the fertile waters reaching over 10lbs on occasion.

There is a good wadeable stretch of bank and several 17 and 19ft boats for hire. They can be hired with a 4 hp motor, electric motor or just oars.

Open all day the fiishery offers catch and keep and catch and release tickets. They also offer an annual ticket. Fishing is by fly, spinner and worm. No catch and release with spinner or worm.

There is a good pathway to stands for disabled anglers and toilets, showers and changing facilites suitable for disabled persons.

Call 07922631253, 07836 540157 or 028877 67899

Google Map 54.501840, -6.807654 Post Code BT70 1TA

Checked 18/06/19


On the upper reaches of the Foyle sytem. Good brown trout fishing. Fly, spin, worm.

Permits from CA Anderson Hardware and Fishing Tackle in Market St, Omagh, BT78 1EN.

Call 028 8224 2311

Checked 14/05/19

Derg River

Ardstraw Angling Club

Have 3 miles double bank of the river Derg, a medium sized river which has a good stock of brown trout as well as very good runs of salmon and sea trout. The salmon and sea trout fishing is best after May and while the grilse and sea trout will run in most conditions the salmon fishing is best on a falling spate. Sea trout average about 1.5lbs, salmon about 8lbs and trout come in at about 12ozs. You can use fly, spinner or worm.

The club issue 5 day tickets per day for the stretch from Ardstraw Bridge Google Map 54.733385, -7.458787 Post Code BT78 4LL up stream to to Crewe Bridge Google Map 54.707426, -7.512289 Post Code BT81 7NR.

For tickets Taggart Jacks Agricultural Supplies in Carnkenny Rd, Ardstraw, call 028 8166 1271 . NM Fishing Tackle , call 028 8165 9501 or river Mourne Guns and Tackle in Strabane call 028 7188 6218.

Checked 03/05/19

Castlederg AC

Have 20 miles of salmon sea trout and brown trout fishing from Border Bridge near Lough Derg to Sparmount. There is no limit to the number of tickets issued. Tickets can be bought from H Eirwin, Castlederg, call 028 8167 1050.


Drumragh River

Formed by the joining of the rivers Cloghfin and Quiggery the Drumragh offers good brown trout fishing. Salmon and sea trout from May with the best being in June to August.

Omagh Fishing Club have beats, permits from:

CA Anderson Hardware and Fishing Tackle in Market St, Omagh, BT78 1EN.

Call 028 8224 2311

Checked 14/05/19


Flowing from the Sperrin Mountains this spate river joins the Owenkillew below Plumbridge. It holds wild brown trout but best known for sea trout in June and July. Some grisle add to the summer mix in June. Salmon arrive in August and September.

Try CA Anderson in Market St Omagh for permits.

Checked 13/05/19


Drumore Angling Club

14k of the upper reaches of the river which is smallish at this point run by Drumore AC. The river holds a good head of brown trout up to about 1lb. Access is good with banks clear of the ubiquitous barbed wire. Fishing is fly only with worm allowed only on a few deep pools. Fly life is abundant.

Permits from Jackie McCracken in Drumore, call 028 9269 3247.

Google Map Reference 54.414248, -6.151170

Checked 10/05/19


A short river of about 8 miles the Mourne is part of the Foyle Sytem. The Owenkillew joins the Strule just above Newtonstewart and a few miles down stream the Strule joins the Derg to form the Mourne flowing on to meet the Finn at Lifford to become the Foyle.

Ranked as one of the top salmon rivers in all of Ireland along side the Finn, Moy, Lower Bann and Munster Blackwater the Mourne is estimated to have 15,000 fish pass through.

There are a few spring fish but the real fishing starts in May with June and July being the peak period. There are some decent runs back end. It isn't spate river but like any salmon water it is at is best with a spate running off.

The fishing is controlled by 2 organisations:

Abercorn Estate, Baronscount and the DAERA waters are managed by Sion Mills Angling Club see below for deatils

Baronscourt Estate

River Mourne, salmon fishing on a private beat for 2 rods. Fish run all season from the start on 1st April to close on the 20th October. The water is split into 4 beats with two fished on alternate days. The 2 beat being used are fished one in the morning one in the afternoon. Low pressure on the water but still a 5 year average of 131 fish.

Call (028)8166 1683

Post Code BT78 4EZ

Checked 02/05/19

Quiggery Water

Excellent wild brown trout fishing on another river in the Upper reaches of the Foyle system.

This river has a Mayfly hatch which brings up the big fish to 3lbs.. Good dry fly water but fly, spinning and worm allowed.

Permits from CA Anderson Hardware and Fishing Tackle in Market St, Omagh, BT78 1EN. Call 028 8224 2311

Checked 14/05/19

Sion Mill Angling Club

Sion Mills have an enviable stretch of the river Moutne, very productive. They have also done some great work to make the river accessible to anglers and walkers alike and this work has also give anglers with disabilities to the river along the Mourne Riverside Walk.

You need a DAERA or Lough Agency license with the endorsement to fish here. Day tickets in 2019 are £30 per day, (bargain), available along with licenses 7 days a week from the Sion Mill Information Office.

Strule, Owenkillew, Canowen, Drumragh

Omagh Fising Club

Omagh Fishing Club have a total of 29 miles of fishing on the rivers Drumragh, Canowen, Strule and Owenkillew. Trout average about .75 to 1lb with the best fishing being on the Strule.

These medium sized rivers are best known for their salmon and sea trout. Fish start arriving from May with June to August best. There are some bigger fish that run the Owenlillew in September.

Sea trout best around Newtonstewart from June. Average 1 to 2 lbs with some going to 5lbs.

There are 25 day tickets available per day plus 6 extra for tourists on a 2.5m stretch at Cappagh.

Permts from CA Anderson tackle shop in Omagh. Call 028 8224 4611

Left bank fishing is also available from another provider call 028 8224 2311

Google Map Reference 54.602114, -7.305339

Checked 02/05/19

Owenkillew Fishing Association

The Owenkillew flows from the Sperrin Mountains to where it joins the Stule near Newtonstewart. A spate river it does hold good wild brown trout with sea trout and salmon arriving from June July.

Oragh AC has beat on the river. Try CA Anderson in Market St, Omagh.

Checked 13/05/19

Coarse Fishing

Baronscourt Estate

Pike Fishing: The estate has 3 loughs, no day tickets, for people staying in accomodation on site. The lakes are: Lough Catherine 91.5 acres, L Fanny 29 acres and L Mary 16 acres. Holding stocks of bream, roach, perch and pike it is the pike that draw people in with fish into up to 32lbs.

Boat and bank fishing no live or dead bait.

Call (028)8166 1683

oogle Map 54.699867, -7.435299 Post Code BT78 4EZ

Checked 02/05/19

Blessingbourne Estate

Fishing on Lough Fada near Fivemiletown in the estate grounds. The lough averages about 3m deep and holds pike to 38 lbs plus perch and roach.

Fishing priority is given to guests resident in estate accomodation but some day tickets are allowed. There is a boat for hire.

Call 028 8952 1188

Google Map 54.383207, -7.309954 Post Code BT75 0QS

Checked 14/05/19