Where to Fish for Pike A to Z

A to Z Guide of Where to Fish for Pike and Perch in Scotland

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Loch Skene

Near Dunecht outside Aberdeen has a good population of pike. The loch, an RSPB bird sanctuary, is described as highly eutrophic (due the the quantity of goose crap) so its best not to drink the water!

The loch has some trout and a lot of pike to double figures.

Permits from Dunecht Estate call 01330 860223

Google Map Reference 57.156704, -2.354432

Checked 07/09/18

St Michaels Loch

Kept this entry because I ilke the story about the big pike.

4 miles from Collistone on the A975 Ellon to Collistone road is a deep little loch just half a mile long and about a quarter wide where John Branch - Evans caught a fish of 44lbs 9ozs using a Woolworths fishing kit that cost him 7 shillings and six pence (37.5p, remember those kits folks?) in the early 60s when he was a lad of 16. Go to www.pikezander.co.uk for the full story. According to the O/S map there is a loch by the road called Meikle Loch and I am guessing that's it. Sadly it appears that the RSPB has take over control of the loch and it is no longer available for fishing (Thanks to Lee Ellis for that update)

Argyll and Bute

Loch Ascog

Isle of Bute AA have fishing on Loch Ascog for pike (record 33lbs) lots of perch and roach. Memebers only but they can take a guest. Camping out is allowed under strict rules. They have a boat for hire too. C & R only. Contact through thier web site.

Google Map Ref 55.818029, -5.045623

Checked 29/06/18

Loch Awe

There are some awesome Pike in Loch Awe, the record is 35.5lbs. Here you might catch a record Pike or a record trout or char, just about everything grows big here! The loch offers good winter fishing in the weedy bays. Dead baits are good, mackeral, eel, sprats, sardines set on a wire trace with 2 or 3 trebles. Fly fishing is very popular using a standard 10 foot rod with a slow sink or sink tip line and streamer flies tied with white or yellow maribou size 6 - 8. Spinning a plug can be productive but trolling is restricted to the trout season using lures of 5" or more. Favoured marks are around Kilchum Castle, Ford and Dalavich. Contact Loch Awe Boats on 01886 833256.

Google Map Reference 56.294738, -5.230774

Checked 05/07/18

Loch Fad

A beautiful fishery of 175 acres set in an area classified as an SSSI with a plantation of Douglas Firs dating date to the 1840’s. The loch is long and narrow with a maximum depth of 36 feet. There are 30 boats with 4 hp outboard motors. Fishing is fly only (except at the North End where bait and spinning is allowed from the bank). The best fishing is the south end of the loch. Stocked with rainbows from one and a quarter pounds to a whopping 18lbs.

The loch also has some magnificent pike fishing.

Day tickets available from Loch Fad Fisheries Ltd, Loch Fad, Isle of Bute, PA20 9PA, Call 01700 504871. Mobile 07712 534511

Google Map Reference 55.816652, -5.063823

Checked 06/09/18


Loch Doon

Fishing for brown trout, arctic char, pike and perch on this 6 mile long loch. From what I can see there the is no charge for fishing on the loch. Always best to ask around locally just incase.

Google Map Ref 55.261348, -4.365233

Checked 09/07/18


Pike in the heart of Edinburgh, Duddingston Loch

St Mary's Loch (and Loch of Lowes)


Fishing for wild brown trout, pike, perch and eels on this Borders gem of a loch. Bank or boat fishing, they have 14ft and 16ft boats for hire at very reasonable rates. Largest trout was in 2009 weighing in at 8lbs 6ozs. Any legal method allowed, they say to use a wire trace if spinning because the chances of a pike are high.

As for pike the potential is great. Lots of good pike dead bait is allowed, fly works too, and trawling a rapala seems to work very well.

Permits are very reasonably priced kids under 12 go free and youths 12 to 16 pay £2, well done.

By preference they would like you to buy your permit from the new keeper, but if you can't do so pernits are sold at the Glen Cafe, Tibbie Sheils Inn, The Gordon Arms, Turnbulls in Galashiels, and Fishers in Penicuik. Call the keeper on 07980350031

Google Map Reference 56.089071, -4.590862

Checked 08/07/18


8 miles of fishing for brown trout fishing, they also have withing this stretch 2 salmon beats, Sligo from Newton Bridge to Battle Bridge RH bank and Crown Lease from Bothwell Bridge to Dalmarnock Bridge DD (alny leagal method. no prawn). The river holds good stcks og grayling and some good pike. There are also numbers of coarse fish, barbel, perch, dace and raoch. For salmon permits contact the Treasurer on 01698 889472. Brown trout, grayling, coase fish and pike permits from:

Glasgow Angling Centre

Hooked in Scotland
Tel: 0141 778 6600


Annie’s Pantry
Sheepburn Road


The Village Store.

Blantyre Newsagents, 248 Glasgow Road Telephone  01698 823249

Mo‘s Store
60 Coatshill Avenue

Collins Newsagents, 179 Stonefield Road.

Google Map Reference 55.796467, -4.055296

Checked 02/07/18

Dumfries and Galloway

Auchenreoch Loch

Near Dumfries on the side of the A75 holds bream, perch and pike, permits from the Lochview Motel call 01556 690281. Day permits and boat hire, bring your own boat (there is a fee to launch). The A75 runs alongside the south side of the loch so access is easy.

Google Map Reference 55.025036, -3.846977

Checked 10/07/18

Carlingwark Loch

Castle Douglas. Pike, perch. No permit required. Google Map Reference 54.930471, -3.931284

Checked 10/07/18

Castle Loch

The loch has been bought by Lochmabben community to conserve the loch for the community and visitors. There is now a wheelie boat on the loch for disabled anglers.

A mixed coarse fishing including good pike, carp, bream, Scottish record tench and roach.

While local residents can fish for free (they still need a permit) day tickets are available.

Tickets from Pettigrews of Lochmabben or on line.( I also found reference to tickets from the Post office and Halleaths caravan park).

Google Map Reference 55.120317, -3.433183

Checked 07/09/18


Forest Lochs

Creebridge. perch, pike, rudd, roach, tench, call the Forest Park Office in Creebridge on 0300 067 6800.

Google Map Reference 55.123674, -4.424270

Checked 07/09/18

Garwachie Loch

Located near Newton Stewart on the B7027 this loch holds good pike to 20lb plus.

Permits from Galloway Forestry Park call 03000676800.

Google Map Ref 54.989473, -4.591466

Checked 10/07/18

Kelhead Quarry

Located near Annan this former quarry is stocked well with roach, rudd, perch, pike, bream, tench, carp call 01461 700344 for permits, 40 pegs.

Google Map Reference 55.132748, -3.190586

Checked 10/07/18

Kirk Loch

An other member of the Lochmabben trio of Castle, Mill and Kirk Lochs. Kirk loch has some big pike into the 20lb range. Fishing is free.

Google Map Ref 55.125965, -3.445990

Checked 08/09/18

Loch Bradan

A Forestry Commision water offering fishing for trout and coarse fish (roach, bream, perch, pike). Annual and day tickets from the Post Office in Staiton and Newton Stewart AA or from the the Galloway Forest Park office in Creebridge. (take a pasport sized photo with you if buying an annual ticket).

Google Map Reference 55.243178, -4.482654

Checked 09/07/18

Loch Eldrig

Lots of smaillish pike plus perch and roach in this loch near Newton Stewart.

Permits from the Galloway Forest Park Office call 03000676800.

Google Map Ref 54.966140, -4.575460

Checked 10/07/18

Lochs Heron and Ronald

(27 and over 100 acres respectively) near Kirkcowan on the 3 Lochs Estate, hold very good stocks of pike, perch, bream, rudd, roach and carp. The pike fishing is of a high quality with fish averaging 10 to 15lbs, the best to date being a fish of 39lbs. For further information call 01678 830304.

Google Map Reference 54.946574, -4.703565

Checked 10/07/18

Loch Ken

New Galloway AA has fishing on the river Ken, Loch Stroan and Loch Ken. River Ken; Brown trout and occasional salmon C&R applies all season) also some pike, roach and perch. Loch Ken: Brown trout, pike perch, roach, bream. Loch Stoan; Brown trout, pike and perch. Spinning and bait allowed but no maggots.

Day tickets available from New Galloway Community Shop the Post Office in New Galloway or Glenafton Store in Mossdale.

Google Map Reference 55.075833


Checked 02/07/18


Loch Rutton

Not far of the A75 on the Old military Road near Dumfries. Bream, roach and good pike. No permit required.

Google Map Reference 55.037966, -3.726712

Checked 10/07/18

Loch Stroan

5 miles from New Galloway is a pretty loch, attached the Black Waters of Dee,with extensive weed beds and lily pads holding Perch, Pike and Brown trout. Permits from Galloway Forest Park call 03000676800

Google Map Reference 55.010188, -4.123047

Checked 10/07/18

Monreith Loch

(Also know as White Loch of Myrton) Pike, to 20lbs+, roach and rudd. Disabled access along banks and on platforms. Permits call 01988 700248 or contact Palakona Guest house who run Craigshaw Fisheries. 

Google Map Reference 54.916925, -4.639091

Checked 10/07/18

Mossdale Loch

Rainbow trout fishing on Aird Estate plus pike to over 30 pounds and perch.

Permits from McCubbing Angling in New Galloway.

Google Map Reference 55.016106, -4.102755

Checked 07/09/18

Mill Loch

Just next to the A7020 Lochmabben the Mill Loch, once a home for the Vendace, holds pike, bream and other coarse fish. Fishing is free

Google Map Reference 55.134431, -3.448057

Checked 08/09/18


Spectacle Lochs

In the Penninghame Forest are run by the Forestry Commission. The lochs are; Spectacle Loch, two lochs infact holding lots of small pike, good perch some roach, rudd, and tench: Garwachie Loch, with tench, roach, rudd, pike, perch: Eldrig Loch which has some good pike up to the high teens. Permits from Glenrazie Lodge, call 01671 402404.  

Google Map Reference 55.123687, -4.424260

Checked 07/09/18

Whitefield Loch

Whitefield Loch a 60 acre loch with pike and perch with some good roach. New platforms and good disabled access. Call 01581 300697

Google Map Ref 54.857512, -4.750709 (parking here close to the loch with made path and fishing platforms.)

Checked 10/07/18

Woodhall Loch

An 80 acre loch with many bays holding good stocks of pike, perch and roach. Permits from Mossdale PO, call 01644450281.

Google Map Reference 54.982423, -4.076157

Checked 10/07/18


Kinghorn Loch

Pike, some large perch, and stories of specimen roach, carp and rumours of bream being present in this fine little clear water loch on the B923 just outside Kinghorn, permits from the Ecology Centre by the loch call 01592 891567. Holidayed here many times as a lad remeber a guy who fished for pike successfully with rancid bacon. Scottish Carp group have exclusive access to the north bank, there are some massive carp in the loch (30lb plus). Toilets at the Ecology centre.

Google Map Reference 56.073039, -3.192142

Checked 10/07/18

Lochgelly Glow

6 mile north of Dunfermline in the Cleish Hills, all method fishery for rainbows, brown trout, blues and tigers with pike and perch present, run by Rosyth CSSA Angling Club.

Fishing is by any legal method, so I guess if you target pike there would be no problem except the troot might get in the way. Ticket prices are very reasonable (6 fish for £10 in 2018)

Call 0780 3839737.

Google Map Reference 56.145839, -3.468884

Checked 08/09/18

Lochgelly Loch

Pike and perch (roach), no permits required. Just off the B 9149.

Google Map Reference 56.119001, -3.287453

Isle of Bute

Loch Fad

A beautiful fishery of 175 acres set in an area classified as an SSSI with a plantation of Douglas Firs dating date to the 1840’s. The loch is long and narrow with a maximum depth of 36 feet. There are 30 boats with 4 hp outboard motors. Fishing is fly only (except at the North End where bait and spinning is allowed from the bank). The best fishing is the south end of the loch. Stocked with rainbows from one and a quarter pounds to a whopping 18lbs.

The loch also has some magnificent pike fishing.

Day tickets available from Loch Fad Fisheries Ltd, Loch Fad, Isle of Bute, PA20 9PA, Call 01700 504871. Mobile 07712 534511

Google Map Reference 55.816652, -5.063823

Checked 06/09/18

Loch Ascog

Loch Ascog an Isle of Bute AA water Ascog is pike venue with fish up to 33lbs taken but there are good perch too (up to 3lb) there is an abundance of roach up to 4lbs! Camping is allowed but no fires. You can float tube too if you fancy having your tootsies dangling among 33lb pike! Good fly fishing for pike too and the pike aren't too fussy. For more details on membership call the Isle of Bute Club Secretary on 07734263591.

Google Map Reference 55.817360, -5.045172

Checked 29/06/18


Big Dhu and Wee Dhu Lochs

Pike and perch, float tubing allowed. For more details on membership call the Isle of Bute Club Secretary on 07734263591.

Google Map Ref Big 55.809164, -5.089798 Wee 55.816398, -5.079327

Checked 10/07/18


Loch Alvie

Wild brown trout and some exceptional pike as well as char. Permits from Alvie Estate Office call 01540 651255 or from the Dalraddy Caravan Park 01479 810330.

Google Map Reference 57.163274, -3.876334

Checked 05/07/18

Loch Arkaig

Brown trout, pike (30lb+) and ferox (up to double figures) on this large loch. Bank and boat fishing available. Fish the shallow sandy margins for trout (av three quarters of a pound) Trawl in the deep water for ferox but some ferox even fall to the fly here.

The pike are big.

Permits from the Honesty Box at the pier on the loch or call 01397 / 712116 / 07879437471

56.971429, -5.123628

Checked 07/07/18

Loch Ceo Glais

Pike, perch, no permit required. Google Map Reference 57.327503, -4.346502


Loch Duntelchaig

Also Loch nan Geadas, permits from water authority call 08457437437. Google Map Reference 57.353649, -4.289913

Dores (on Loch Ness)

South Loch Ness on the A862 west of Inverness, productive bay on Loch Ness. While you are there visit the Falls at Foyers, quite special.

Google Map Reference 57.379057, -4.335427

Loch Garry

At 1100 acres and up to 200 feet deep Loch Gary is a challenging bit of water to fish but it contains some whoppers. One upon a time it held the record for the largest fly caught brown trout. The loch has brown trout, ferox, pike, char and some salmon so you can have interesting times on any day if you know where to go. Large trout over 45cm are to be returned however facilities on the boats are provided to minimise stress to the fish, great idea in this selfie mad world where fish are often man handled too much before being released.

There are variety of boats available from 16ft with a cuddy to canoes!  Safety on a big water is essential so equipment is provided along with powerful outboards. In the Highlands stormy weather can arrive in minutes, it's always good to know you have boats designed to cope. For bookings contact Mark on 07770 541496. Guiding services are available.

Google Map Reference 57.078474, -4.862546

Checked 06/07/18

Loch Insh

Is just like a massive pool on the river Spey consisting of great swaths of extensive wetlands and weedy shallows which makes access to much of the bank difficult to impossible (or unsafe). The nature of the loch makes it a serious pike fishery with fish over 30lb every year. There also brown trout, char and salmon.

For permits and boat hire (2 boats , outboards for hire extra) call Loch Insh Outdoor Centre on 01540 651272.

Google Map Reference 57.120617, -3.929378

Checked 16/07/18

Loch Morlich

Someone of my acquaintance from the area was fly fishing for trout on Morlich a couple of years ago when, as he described it, a log came alive and snapped up a trout he was playing, end of story with a 4lb leader. He was a very experienced angler not prone to exaggeration, loath to put a weight to the fish but he described the fish as truly massive.

Permits from Loch Morlich Watersports call 01479 861221.

Google Map Reference 57.163254, -3.711113

Checked 07/09/18

Loch Pityoulish

Loch Pityoulish

A picturesque and productive Pike fishery just a few miles out of Aviemore on the south side of the river which holds Pike and brown trout, permits from Rothiemurchus Estate, 01479 861647.

Google Map Reference 57.201956, -3.788361

Checked 07/09/18


Loch Lochy

Pike, no permit required. Google Map Reference 56.974155, -4.896636


Loch Oich

Pike, no permit required but call 018809 501287 for local rules. Google Map Reference 57.066981, -4.772849

Loch Laggan

On A84 Newtonmore to Spean Bridge, pike along the road side bank between Lochan Uvie and Laggan, some specimen fish here.

Permits from The Paper Shop Kingussie; The Glen Hotel, Balavi Hotel, Invernahon Caravan Park in Newtonemore, The Filling Station in Dalwhinnie, Laggan Country Hotel in Laggan. Contact the warden on 07511 458250. Google Map Reference 57.072392, -4.047423

Checked 20/06/18


Loch Treig

Pike, no permit required. Google Map Reference 56.803959, -4.732174


Loch Ness

There are good Pike in Loch Ness but it is such a vast loch you really need to ask around locally for information, there are concerns about salmon stocks and restrictions do apply.

Google Map Reference 57.336600, -4.413727

Loch nam Bat

Milton nr Drumnadrochit. Pike, no permit required.

Google Ref 57.365009, -4.495794 Part of a group of loch including Loch Gorm, Loch nam Faoileag & Lochan an Torra Bhuidhe all of which are reputed to have pike.

Updated 08/09/18

Loch Leven

Quite possibly the most famous fishing loch in the world the distinctly speckled, almost sea trout like, stock from here have been used to populate lochs and rivers all over the world. Historic, beautiful and challenging this loch is a must fish.

Loch Leven has stopped stocking this 3,600 acre loch with rainbows which means that in time the loch will be a pure brown trout water again.

Boat fishing only, 18 boats, with outboards, you wouldn't want to row to Burleigh Sands unless you are very, very fit.

Contact: The Pier, Kinross, KY13 8UF, Call 01577 863407

Google Map Ref 57.078847 -4.849499

Checked 09/09/18

Loch Lomond


Big Pike, small Pike, some that could bite off yer 'ead off! But why? Loch Lomond does have an interesting biology because it has two distinct characters, highland and lowland loch. The northern half of the loch is a typical deep highland loch while the southern end is shallow and more akin to a typical lowland loch. There are salmon, sea trout, brown trout and coarse fish, a veritable smorgasbord of food for predatory Pike. All this means that Loch Lomond is probably one of the best Pike fishing venues any where.

The loch is big, really big so you should search around for information about where to fish rather than waste your time plodding about. Someone once told me there are good Pike near Balmaha, then I had a look and realised that I might as well have been told that there are lots of haddock in the North Sea, there is an awful lot of water cover. Balmaha is recommended as well the area around Luss, Cronin Bay, Ardlui in the north end of the Loch and Balloch and Arden in the south. Endrick Mouth, where the monster Pike skull was found, is also a hot spot ( the famed Endrick pike found dead in 1934 at the mouth of the Endrick, estimates range between 50 to 70lbs).

Both the river Leven and the Endrick hold good pike. Live bait is not allowed as in the past people have used ruffe which have have escaped and multiplied becoming a serious problem because they eat the eggs of other native species of fish.

Membership applications to the Secretary, Loch Lomond Angling Improvement Association, PO box 3559, Glasgow, G71 7SJ or call 0141 781 1545.

For permits go to http://www.lochlomondangling.com/permits they have sellers all over Central Scotland.

6.089071, -4.590862

Checked 07/09/18


Edgelaw Reservoir

A 36 acre tree lined water in a secluded location just off the B6372. Run by Bailiffs Angling Association the fishery holds a lot of good pike (with rumours of a skull found estimated as being from a fish of about 40lb).

There are also lots of perch and pike.

Day tickets available, call 0131 663 3028

Google Map Ref 55.810618, -3.116018

Checked 12/09/18

North Aryshire

Eglington Park

6.5 hectares in Eglinton Country Park, containing bream, roach, rudd, perch and pike, occasion carp and tench. Wooden walkways suitable dos people with disabilities. There is a camp site in the park and access to toilets, washing facilities and a cafe. Year and half year tickets available (not expensive) and reductions for juniors. Permits from the visitors centre, call 01294 551776.

Google Map Reference 55.641214, -4.671843

Checked 10/07/18


Geddes Fishery

Consists of 3 loch 2 for trout and one for course fish. The trout lochs are stocked with rainbows, browns trout, tiger trout and blues. Fishery record 20lbs 6ozs. Very good fly life and as the lochs are set in woodland there is a variety of terrestrial fly and insect life to interest the trout. Very much a match the hatch type of water at times.

The coarse loch holds perch, carp and roach.

Call 07849089232.

Google Map Reference 57.548580, -3.857143

Checked 10/08/18

North Lanark

Lilly Loch

Right next to Hillend loch is the "Lilly" an attarctive little loch run by Clarkston AC. Stocked regularly with rainbows and brown trout. Fly, bait and spinning are allowed. Boats are available for fly fishing.

There are also some big pike and perch to add to the fun when spinning. Call 07982666610 during the trout closed season.

Day and season tickets available.

Google Map Reference 55.878621, -3.887878

Checked 12/09/18


Loch Clunie

Near Butterstone. The fishing is free at present with 20lb plus pound fish on record and rumours of a monster lurking around the Island monastery. I'm told a diver went looking for it and came face to face, he got out of the water double quick, face white as a sheet. Lucky he was in a wet suit, avoids pollution!

A local game keeper had a three legged dog, the fourth leg is in a Clunie Pike.

Scary stuff, wading might not be advisable without cast iron pants! On my visit I saw several Pike rolling on the surface and I recon this would be a good fly venue.

Google Map Reference 56.581453, -3.443658

Checked 08/09/18

Dunalastair Loch

Grant's 24 pounder from Butterstone

Near Kinloch Rannoch is reputed to hold some very large Pike. Fishing is boat only, don't be tempted to loiter on the bank as the loch rises quickly without warning when the hydro board release water from loch Rannoch. The loch is a trout venue so I am unsure what the deal is with pike as the loch is fly only. Enquiries call 01882 632354.

Google Map Reference 56.699058, -4.127254

Checked 06/07/18

Loch Earn

Again a very large deep loch with untapped potential. Permits from:

Drummond Estates – 01567 830400 (boat hite)
St Fillans Village Shop – 01764 685309 
Drummond Arms Hotel, St Fillans – 01764 685212 
Lochearnhead Village Stores – 01567 830214 
Lochearnhead Post Office – 01567 830201 

Boat hire from Drummond Estate call 01567 830400.Checked 11/07/18

Google Map Reference 56.384923, -4.222347

Checked 08/09/18

Loch Eigheoch

A small hydro electric loch near Rannoch Station (Rannoch Moor) Perch and some nice little trout and occasional salmon, for permits call 07570080579.

Google Map Reference 56.679169, -4.531129

Checked 06/07/18

Loch Errochty

Big pike and good perch on this large loch in the hills above Trinafour. Permits from the Countrystore in Kinloch Rannoch.

Google Map Ref 56.761949, -4.135032

Checked 06/0718

Loch Faskally

Pitlochry. Pike and Perch (also salmon Sea trout and brown trout).

Permits from the Pitlochry Boating Station call 01796 472919.

Google Map Reference 56.706366, -3.750839

Checked 07/09/18

Loch Freuchie

Pike. Can't find information about permits, anyone help?

Google Map Reference 56.517683, -3.848185

Loch Rannoch

Pike and Perch. The east end of the loch near Bridge of Gaur is noted for Pike especially in the water that was once the course of the Gaur before the loch water level was raised by the hydro electric scheme, permits from the Countrystore in Kinloch Rannoch.

Google Map Reference 56.685807, -4.427126

Checked 06/07/18

Loch Tay

Yet an other great Pike venue but like Loch Lomond it is so big you really need local advice. There off course brown trout, salmon, and nowadays escapee rainbows of enormous proportions.

Loch Tay offers both bank and boat fishing, float tubing is done with great caution as this is a large loch, 14 miles long, where the weather can change so quickly. Google Map Reference 56.542057, -4.116117

Ardeonaig Hotel

3 boats with outboards, call 01567 820400. Google Map Reference 56.502469, -4.159015

East Loch Angling Association

Control a sizeable part of the bank fishing for trout, salmon fishing is in the hands of riparian owners. Boat hire from the Loch Tay Boating Centre includes a permit to fish for trout.


Brown trout bank permits for the loch from Kenmore Post Office, call 01887 830765. Google Map Reference 56.585815, -4.001826


Brown trout bank permits for the loch from News First, call 01567 820363 Google Map Reference 56.469522, -4.319269

Loch Tay Lodge

Boat and bank permits. Call on 01887 830209.

Loch Tay Highland Lodges

Offers boat hire including fishing permit. Call 01567 820323.

Also James Bayne in Callander 01877 330218

Checked 08/07/18

Google Map Reference 56.515170, -4.150792

Loch Tummel

Bank fishing on this loch more famous for it's stunning views than for it's fishing. Known for it's pike and perch population, Tummel does have some good trout. Fish close in near the drop off into deeper water or around inflow streams, always a handy spot when fishing a wild loch.

Permits from the Pitlochry Tourist office.

Google Map Reference 56.710954, -3.928721

Checked 08/07/18

Loch Vennacher

Holds a first class population of Pike up to specimen size, The biggest so far scaled in at 42lbs taken in 2002 and it is believed there is a record size fish out there just waiting to be had. Fly fishing for Pike has become very popular and fish to 20lb plus have been taken on single handed rods. Spinning and dead bait fishing are very effective methods for the loch. There are also boats with outboards for hire.

Venacher has a good population of wild brown trout which is supplemented with a policy of stocking every year with pre-yearlings and some fish up to 2.5lbs. The average is about 1.25lbs with the best fish recently coming in at 4lbs 2ozs. Venacher supports a good mayfly hatch in June and a generally good fly life which makes for very good fly fishing.

Bank tickets available with concessions from James Bayne in Callander 01877 330218.

Google Map Reference 56.219481, -4.301854



Ross and Cromarty

Loch Chroisg

Loch Crann, Loch Gowan, Pike, Achnasheen, A832 junction with A890.

Contact Ledgowan Lodge Hotel on 01445 720 252 for permits.

Google Map Reference 57.576408, -5.143587

Checked 08/09/18

Loch Ussie

Dingwall, 16 miles north of Inverness on the A9 then A835. Pike and Perch, permits 01349 865505.

Google Map Reference 57.579791, -4.502999

Checked 08/09/18

Loch Glascarnoch

Loch Achnalt, Loch a Chuilinn, Loch Luichart, Loch Garve, 25 miles north west of Inverness on the A832.

Pike and Perch, no permits required.

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Checked 08/09/18

Loch Badan Scalaig

Gairloch, west coast on the A832. Pike, permits 01445 712458.

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Loch Achaidh na h-inich

Plockton, Past Kyle of Lochalsh on the A 87. Pike, no permit required, but best to check locally.

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Checked 08/09/18


Loch Lomond and Trossachs Park

Loch Ard

Pike and Perch (Scottish record for Perch taken here) one mile from Aberfoyle.

Permits from James Bayne tackle shop in Callander call 01877 330218 or the Post Office in Aberfoyle call 01877 382231.

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Checked 07/09/18

Loch Chon

Pike and Perch, 6 miles west of Aberfoyle on the B829.

permits from Forest Enterprises, Aberfoyle, 01877 382383.

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Checked 08/09/18

Loch Katrine

What a place to go fishing! Stunning scenery, tranquil, red deer on the hills, saw a golden eagle soar up by Glengyle, saw a shining green flash crash into my lure leaving me to wonder what might have been.

Brown trout, pike ferox, char all in this massive loch, 11 miles long, nearly a mile wide in places and over 500 feet deep, it's potential is scarly given that it has been so under fishing until recently and even the the numbers fishing are noxt comared with the size of the loch.

There is no bank fishing, substatial boats for hire though.

For pike the Glengoyle area is a prime location. I know pike anglers have been wanting to get on Katrine for years. So much so that it is booked up in advance so if you want a go get a booking in now - for sometime in the future. There are massive pike out there.

For trout, the first time I fished here we had a fishfinder on board and the reading showed that the depths are precipitous going from margins to a hundred plus feet in a short distance from the shore. So fish the margins.

Going out from Stronachlachar fished the south side down to the Gamekeepers cottage some good drifts on this shore. Another handy drift was on the north shore opposite Factors Island there is an other island in a bay. Worth a visit. Or up to the sahllows at the Glengoyne end. Fish around featres, submerged rocks even fence post. Try a Kate McLaren and a Bloody Butcher they worked for me.

Watch out, I've seen massive white cap waves roaring down the loch, if in doubt keep near the shore and make sure you have plenty of juice in the outboard battery, its a heck of a row!

Call 07591 099 826 to book

Google Map Ref 56.257709, -4.577829 Post Code for Stronachlachar FK8 3TY

Checked 08/07/18


Loch Ronald

At 100 acres this is a challenging loch but it holds some very big pike to the high 30s. Just off the A 75 near Newton Stewart. Permits which cver Loch Heron which is very closeby from 3 Lochs Holiday Park, Balminnoch.

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Loch Heron

Newton Stewart Pike, Just off the A 75 near Newton Stewart. Permits which cver Loch Heron which is very closeby from 3 Lochs Holiday Park, Balminnoch. Google Map Reference 54.948100, -4.699313

Checked 08/09/18