The A to Z of Where to Fish for Salmon and Sea Trout in the Lochs of Scotland

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Loch Lomond, Argyll and Bute, Scotland, Great Britain by WF Millar

Its not just the rivers of Scotland that offer great salmon and sea trout fishing. Our lochs (lakes) are equally productive. Spimfish Where to Fish directory for Scotland has listed the key loch venues where you can find excellent fishing.

Knowing where to fish on a loch is more important than on a river, lochs are much harder to read so a boat and a local ghillie are essential to help you find the best fishing places and for your own safety because the big lochs can kick up a storm of short frequency waves that can really rock the boat. Finding inflow and outflow rivers on a loch is a dawdle but finding under water reefs or submerged boulder strewn bays where fish might congregate needs local know how saving time and putting you among the fish straight away and off course the last thing you want to do is find the submerged rocks by running into them at full tilt!

Sea trout fishing has taken a knock in recent years but is good to hear that some of the far north lochs like Loch Hope are holding their own. I never had the chance to fish Loch Maree and hope some day that it will recover its former stature and let me cast a line on its hallowed water. I hope you find your hallowed water here on Fishing Finder and have a memorable fishing experience some where in Scotland.


Loch Eck

Salmon, sea trout and brown trout on what was formerly a top sea trout fishing loch. bank and boat fishing available.

Permits from Purdies, 112 Argyll Street, Dunoon or from the Fishery Warden call 07543 285 192. The warden also has aboat for hire with out board. The loch is 7 miles long.

Google Map Reference 56.083044, -4.993301

Checked 15/07/18


Fishing for wild brown trout, pike, perch and eels on this Borders gem of a loch.

As it is at the top of the Yarrow there are occasional salmon caught but I doubt it's worth targeting them.

Bank or boat fishing, they have 14ft and 16ft boats for hire at very reasonable rates. Largest trout was in 2009 weighing in at 8lbs 6ozs. Any legal method allowed, they say to use a wire trace if spinning because the chances of a pike are high. As for pike the potential is great. Lots of good pike dead bait is allowed, fly works too, and trawling a rapala seems to work very well. Permits are very reasonably priced kids under 12 go free and youths 12 to 16 pay £2, well done. By preference they would like you to buy your permit from the new keeper, but if you can't do so pernits are sold at the Glen Cafe, Tibbie Sheils Inn, The Gordon Arms, Turnbulls in Galashiels, and Fishers in Penicuik. Call the keeper on 0798035003.

Google Map Reference 56.089071, -4.590862

Checked 08/07/18


Loch Lomond Angling Improvement Association

Has an interesting biology because it has two distinct environments. The northern half of the loch is a typical glacial formed, deep narrow highland loch while the southern end is shallow and more akin to a typical lowland loch. The southern environment suites coarse fish. There are roach, dace, rudd, pike and perch. There are also powan which you should return immediately if you catch them as they are very much an endangered species.

LLAIA have a lease on some of the fishing on the Endrick and Gairloch as well as fishing in the Loch Lomond and the the rivers Leven and the Fruin. They also have fishing in the estuary.

The loch and river offer a variety of fishing opportunities from wild brown trout, salmon and sea trout, coarse fish and massive pike (there was the famed Endrick pike found dead in 1934 at the mouth of the Endrick, estimates range between 50 to 70lbs).

Membership applications to the Secretary, Loch Lomond Angling Improvement Association, PO box 3559, Glasgow, G71 7SJ or call 0141 781 1545.

For permits go to they have sellers all over Central Scotland.

Google Map Reference 56.097667, -4.606224

Checked 02/17/18

Isle of Harris



Near Tarbert, mixed fishery salmon, sea trout and good quality brown trout on two lochs, Fincastle and Laxdale linked by the river Laxdale, fishes best July onwards.

Call Borve estate on 01859 550358 for further information.

Google Map Reference 55.865117, -5.415521

Checked 16/07/18

Isle of Lewis


Stornoway AA have fishing for members on 12 lochs for brown trout and salmon, fishing on the river Creed and on Loch Langavat. There are 4 boats.

The lochs are:

Loch A Bhuna (BT), Achmore (BT), Airigh na Lic (BT, S, ST) Airigh nam Gleann (BT), Airigh Riabhad (BT), Beag na Craibhe (BY) Breuach Leniscal (BT), Loch na Craibhe (BT), Loch Nam Falcog (BT), Loch nam Eilean (BT), Orasaig (BT), Vatandip (BT).

Fishing on loch Langavat is interesting. 9 miles long, salmon, from June/ July onwards, brown trout, char. There are 2 boats and a bunkhouse you can stay overnight in for an additional charge.

The club has salmon and sea trout fishing on the river Creed and 2 lochs Loch Chlachain (2 boats) and Loch an Ois (2 boats). Season tickets are available to both locals and visitors at a very reasonable cost for a river producing 164 (salmon) 355 (sea trout) 5 years average. Boats booked at Angus Campbells Filling Station call 01851 702127.

Membership is inexpensive, Juniors fish the Creed for free. Visitors can buy an associate membership ticket from Sportsworld in Stornoway.

Google Map Reference 56.964283, -2.209664

Checked 05/07/18


Loch Langabhat

The head waters of the famous Grimersta, Langabhat (Langavat) holds some good trout, dour but they can reach to over 5lbs with pounders being not uncommon. Worth the effort however it is at the head of a very good salmon river and good numbers of salmon and sea trout can be had. Fishing is encouraged to be with the fly but bait and spinning are allowed.

Scaliscro Lodge have fishing on the west shore and boats.

They also have salmon and sea trout fishing on Loch an Fhir Mhaoil (Bald Head Loch), Loch Mohal Beag and the loch and river Suirstavat.

Brown trout o 6 other lochs one of which Loch Bruich Brievat holds char.

Call 01851 672393. Google Map Reference 58.141539, -6.869373.

Checked 16/07/18

Aline Estate also have about 4 miles of bank fishing and boats on Langavat.

They also have fishing for salmon on the Langadale, Scladale and Vigadale rivers, good in a spate. Call 07480 376 096 for the keeper.

Google Map Reference 58.007541, -6.748672

Checked 16/07/18

Isle of Mull

Loch Torr, sea trout, but mostly brown trout.

Loch Frisa good brown trout and occasional salmon and sea trout.

Loch Scuabain at the head of the river Lussa best for salmon and sea trout after a spate.

Glen Lochs, some sea trout and salmon.

Permits fromTackle and Books shop in Tobermory, call 01688 302336.

Google Maps Ref 56.622409, -6.070403

Checked 05/07/17


Loch Arkaig

Loch Arkaig Brown trout, pike (30lb+) and ferox (up to double figures) on this large loch. Bank and boat fishing available. Fish the shallow sandy margins for trout (av three quartes of a pound) Trawl in the deep water for ferox but some ferox even fall to the fly here. The pike are big. There are also runs of salmon and sea trout into the loch from the river Arkaig (mandatory C & R).

Permits from the Honesty Box at the pier on the loch or call or call Achnacary Estate on 07415 706 930 / 07766 694 672

Google Map Ref 56.971429, -5.123628

Checked 07/07/18

Loch Insh

Is just like a massive pool on the river Spey consisting of great swaths of extensive wetlands and weedy shallows which makes access to much of the bank difficult to impossible (or unsafe). The nature of the loch makes it a serious pike fishery with fish over 30lb every year. There also brown trout, char and salmon.

For permits and boat hire, 2 boats (with outbards extra) call Loch Insh Outdoor Centre on 01540 651272.

Google Map Reference 57.120617, -3.929378

Checked 16/07/18

Loch Garry

At 1100 acres and up to 200 feet deep Loch Gary is a challenging bit of water to fish but it contains some whoppers. One upon a time it held the record for the largest fly caught brown trout. The loch has brown trout, ferox, pike, char and some salmon so you can have interesting times on any day if you know where to go. Large trout over 45cm are to be returned however facilities on the boats are provided to minimise stress to the fish, great idea in this photo mad world where fish are often man handled too much before being released.

There are variety of boats available from 16ft with a cuddy to canoes!  Safety on a bit water is essential so equipment is provided along with powerful outboards. In the Highlands stormy weather can arrive in minutes, it's always good to know you have boats selected to cope. For bookings contact Mark on 07770 541496. Guiding services are available.

Google Map Ref 57.078847 -4.849499

Checked 16/07/18

Loch Ness

Try Glen Morrison Estate for boats, the best area if the bay at Invermorrison. Call 01320 351300.

For salmon try the Whitebridge Hotel, call 01456 486226.

For such a significant loch there doesn't seem to be a lot of fishing going on here.

Reference 57.334200, -4.447769

Checked 6/07/18

Loch Oich

Wild brown trout and salmon, there are boats available for fishing on the Oich. Call 07776 210240

Google Map Reference 57.072338, -4.770801

Loch Quoich

Wild brown trout and char. No infromation avaiable, can you help?

Google Map Reference 57.069440, -5.288416



A nice little bonus can be had here when fishing the loch for salmon do run up into the loch from the river Nairn but usually at the back end of the season after a good spate. Bank fishing is free, boats can be hired, call 01667 458900. This is a shallow loch, last time out I had to get out in the middle of the loch and shove! Was a good spot for fishing though.

Google Map Reference 57.069440, -5.288416

Checked 16/07/18


Loch Earn

There are brown trout, salmon, rainbows and ferox. Fish of an excellent standard rainbows that have reconditioned and grown on to 30lb plus in this beautiful and productive loch. The loch s now stocked regularly. At 6.5 miles long, up to a mile wide and 287 feet at its deepest it is formidable but as with most big lochs the fish are in close to the shore. If you are more than 30 yards out in a boat you are wasting your time.

The fish feed in the shallows and along the drop off into deeper water, match your drift to the terrain, low flat shores mean more extensive shallows, steep banks mean the drop off could be just a few yard off shore. Cast close to the shore especially in the evening when you will see fish moving in inches of water.

Traditional flies are all you need, plus Kate Mclaren, gosling, Invicta and mini Muddlers are also recommended fished on a floating or intermediate line after April. Drummond Estate has been stocking the loch since the early 1990s with terrific results. Last year they put in 10,000 fish of 12ozs to 4lbs and fish in the 3 to 5lb category are fairly common, the average is about a pound.

Permits from:

Drummond Estates – 01567 830400 (boat hite)
St Fillans Village Shop – 01764 685309 
Drummond Arms Hotel, St Fillans – 01764 685212 
Lochearnhead Village Stores – 01567 830214 
Lochearnhead Post Office – 01567 830201 

Bank permits are very reasonably priced considering the chance of catching trout of a size to dream about.

Boat hire from Drummond Estate call 01567 830400.Checked 11/07/18

Google Map Reference 56.383735, -4.278995

Checked 17/07/18

Loch Faskally

Fish enter the loch from late April into to May and since they pass through the fish counter at Pitlochry Dam you know just how many there are (average 5 - 6000 pa). Boats can be hired by the hour from Pitlochry Boat Hire on 01796 472919.

Google Map Reference 56.706531, -3.751096

Checked 16/07/18

Loch Lubnaig

Salmon, brown trout, char, perch. Boat and bank fishing, bring your own boat, 4hp engine restriction, there is a charge for launching your boat.

Permits from James Bayne Fishing Tackle, 76, Main St, Callander, call 01877 330218. Google Map Reference 56.268779, -4.286755

Checked 08/07/18

Loch Rannoch

Wild brown trout, ferox, char with the occasional salmon on this large deep loch. Bank fishing can be very rewarding, but keep moving this is a big loch and you have to look for fish they won't come to you. Study the shore line it will tell you how the the underwater terrain will be, I prefer the shallow bays where there is an in flow stream of which there are many. Look for ridges, submerged rocks and the 'drop off' into deep water which is often quite a distinct point going from a couple of feet deep to very deep in the space of a step or two - so watch out when wading.

Boat fishing can be fantastic, my favourite area being towards the top end of the loch in the area that was flooded when the Hydro scheme was developed. Drifting around the little island over sandy shallows can be very good, I hooked and lost a terrific fish here and it still hurts when I think about it now. I was also smashed by a fish, my rod tip being hammered into the water, in the bay just round from the point where the burn runs into the loch just west of Finnart ( I think the burn was called Allt Madaig).

One great drift is about 200 yards out from the row of cottages at Killchonan. I have had some great bags of fish from here. Bank and boat fishing. 

 Rannoch Estate have a big boat, bring your own outboard, call 07584062329.

Finnart lodge have 2 boats, again bring your own outboard. Call 0779524574.

You can do BYOB (bring your own boat and launch non motorised boats from the beach at Killicho or the slipway at Kinloch Rannoch. Motorised boats you pay a charge for.

Permits to fish from the Countrystore in Kinloch Rannoch.

. Google Map Reference 56.685443, -4.323810

Checked 07/07/18

Loch Tay,

Brown trout fishing, and nowadays escapee rainbows of enormous proportions. Loch Tay offers both bank and boat fishing, float tubing is done with great caution as this is a large loch, 14 miles long, where the weather can change so quickly. Google Map Reference 56.542057, -4.116117

Ardeonaig Hotel

3 boats with outboards, call 01567 820400. Google Map Reference 56.502469, -4.159015

East Loch Angling Association

Control a sizeable part of the bank fishing for trout, salmon fishing is in the hands of riparian owners. Boat hire from the Loch Tay Boating Centre includes a permit to fish for trout.


Brown trout bank permits for the loch from Kenmore Post Office, call 01887 830765. Google Map Reference 56.585815, -4.001826


Brown trout bank permits for the loch from News First, call 01567 820363 Google Map Reference 56.469522, -4.319269

Loch Tay Lodge

Boat and bank permits. Call on 01887 830209.

Loch Tay Highland Lodges

Offers boat hire including fishing permit. Call 01567 820323.

Also James Bayne in Callander 01877 330218

Checked 08/07/18

Loch Venacher

Venacher has a good population of wild brown trout which is supplemented with a policy of stocking every year with pre-yearlings and some fish up to 2.5lbs. The average is about 1.25lbs with the best fish recently coming in at 4lbs 2ozs. Venacher supports a good mayfly hatch in June and a generally good fly life which makes for very good fly fishing. Bank tickets available with concessions from James Bayne in Callander 01877 330218.

Google Map Reference 56.221113, -4.302389

Checked 08/07/18

Loch Voil

Salmon, brown trout, char, contact James Bayne Fishing Tackle, 76, Main St, Callander, FK17 8BD, call 01877 330218. Google Map Reference 56.347028, -4.423462

Checked 08/07/18

Ross and Cromarty

Loch Maree

Once a prolific sea trout fishery the fishing is a shadow of what it once was, a victim of the extensive fish farming in the area. 12.5 miles long and 2.25 miles at its widest. The Loch Maree hotel provides permits for the loch, call 01445 760288 or call  the Kinlochewe Hotel call 01445 760253.

Google Map Reference 57.708199, -5.526719

Checked 16/07/18

Loch Morar

Brown trout fishing in this very deep loch (deepest in Britain) big ferox with the occasional salmon and sea trout. Salmon usually taken on the troll. For permits:

Loch Superintendent, Allt an Loin, Morar. Tel: 01687 462388 or 07787431962

Loch Morar Boat Hire Tel: 01687 462520

Morar Motors (Mon – Fri) Tel: 01687 462118

Boats from Loch Morar Boat Hire, they have 6 good boats suitable for this big loch. 01687 462520.

Google Map Reference 56.951834, -5.700003

Checked 16/07/18

South Uist

South Uist Estate

Salmon, sea trout, wild brown trout. Av 50 salmon per year and 700 sea trout. Sea trout average 2 to 3lbs up to 7lbs. There are a couple of dozen machair and hill lochs to chose from.

Permits for salmon / sea trout. Contact Stòras Uibhist (South Uist) Estate Office, Daliburgh, South Uist HS8 5SA; Tel. 01878 700101.

Google Map Refence 57.236913, -7.349622

Checked 21/07/18


Loch Lubnaig

Lubnaig is one of the Trossachs gems holding great stocks of wild fish including brown trout, ferox, char and perch, it also gets a run of salmon and sea trout. At 4 miles long and 700 yards long and up to 40 metres deep the loch is challenging. Day, week and season tickets. You can take your own boat but there is a fee for launching a boat, outboard are limited to 4 hp. Forestry Commission permits are very reasonably priced. Permits from James Bayne tackle shop in Callander, call 01877 330218.

Google Map Reference 56.289895, -4.290583

Checked 16/07/18

Loch Venachar

Another Trossachs beauty, long (3 miles, narrow (half a mile) deep with brown trout, pike, perch, salmon and sea trout.

Permits from James Bayne in Callander call 01877 330218.

Google Map Reference 56.222726 -4.299195

Checked 16/07/18

Loch Voil

At 3 miles long Loch Voil is another great Trossachs venue holding quality wild brown trout plus char, ferox. It also get a few salmon and sea trout. Permits are limited but there is bank and boat fishing.

Permits from James Bayne tackle shop in Callander, call 01877 330218.

Google Map Reference 56.347976, -4.419659

Checked 16/07/18


Loch Assynt

Assynt Angling Group, the Assynt Angling Club and 8 local landowner have joined together to offer access to 150 lochs in the area including 20 with boats. The fishing is for wild brown trout and ferox with 5 lochs offering salmon and sea trout fishing. Trout average 6 to 12 ounces with a few fish over the 4lb mark taken every year. This is fishing in the raw, no stockies. Permits from a number of sources in the area cost from approx £5 per day with no extra charge for the salmon and sea trout fishing. For more information log on to Google Map Reference 58.174055, -5.039226

Checked 26/06/18

Loch Brora

Dornoch and District Angling Association have fishing for Salmon, sea trout and trout fishing on Loch Brora. They also have fishing for trout on Lochs Laro, Bhuidhe, Laoigh, Loch a Ghiubhas. Not clear on whether the do day tickets. Call the Secretary on 01862 810973 after 7pm.

Google Map Reference 58.045935, -3.945943

Checked 16/07/18

Loch Doilet

Brown trout, salmon and sea trout on a bonny loch near Strontain. C & R, no bait, barbless hooks only. The drive up and over the "radio active hills (ok not very radio active but is where strontium was first found) hills is special.

Permits from the Strontain PO or the Village Store.

Google Map Reference 56.749292, -5.582759

Checked 17/07/18

Loch Hope, Sutherland.

Loch Hope

Loch Hope remains a quality sea trout fishing venue having managed to survive the ravages of the West Highlands caused by fish farming. Over 500 sea trout per annum plus good salmon and grilse. Fishing really start from June onward.

The loch is split into 3 "beats" Upper, Middle and Lower ensuring plenty of space on this 6 mile long loch. Fishing from boats which are availble for hire with outboards using traditional wet fly or, with a wee breeze, dapping. For booking call CK Galbraith on 01738 541600.

Google Map Reference 58.455153, -4.633379

Checked 16/07/18


Loch More

The Scourie Hotel can arrange boats on Loch Hope and Stack for sea trout and salmon, they can also offer rods for the river Doinaird.

Call 01971 502396.

Google Map Reference 58.301757, -4.884624

Checked 16/07/18

Loch Naver

Altnaharra Hotel has fishing on Loch Naver but you must be a guest at the hotel, call 01549 411222.

Syre Estate can arrange fishing on Loch Naver, call 01453 521956.

Google Map Reference 58.295718, -4.363229

Checked 16/07/18


Loch Sheil

Loch Sheil extrends from where Bonnie Prince Charlie gathered the clans in Glenfinnan down to Archacle where the short river Shiel flows to the sea in loch Moidart. 12 miles long with no bank fishing allowed you need a boat, a biggish boat to fish it. Oh and an outboard. I fished it when much, much younger rowing, I remember 2 things 1. Speding more time rowing than fishing and 2. Those damn midges got me even in the middle of the loch!

Brown trout, salmon and sea trout from May onwards

You can buy a permit from the Acharacle Hotel and Launch a boat from their jetty on hire one of their Orkney Long Liners.

Call 01967 431224

Google Map Reference 56.744792, -5.797640

Checked 16/07/18

Loch Shin

Lairg AC have the fishing rights on a number of lochs in central Sutherland including Loch Shin, Beannach and Craggie. Loch Craggie has always been a good water to fish. Even has a Mayfly hatch. On the way up to Craggie there is a wee loch on the left, Dola, do not miss it, I got is when a hatch was on and had half a dozen fish of about a pound all on the dry fly, day tickets are available.

Loch Shin is a prolific stretch of water 14 miles long with large numbers of fish in the half to three quarters of a pound range and the chance of something big coming along is always on your mind. There is always a chance of a salmon on Shin as the dams have fish passes to get fish up stream (but don't expect too much). Boat and bank on Shin.

If wading remember this loch was dammed and now covers what was once moorland. I discovered an old peat cut and got a heck of a shock, luckingly it wasn't too deep. I particularly liked the area around the mouth of the Tirry and the Fiag, the bay at Shinnery and had a memorable day fishing down past the hydro station at the top end of the loch. For boat bookings call 01549 402980.

For a start try a 3 fly cast Greeenwell or March Brown top dropper,always Peter Ross Middle amd Silver or Bloody Butcher on the tail, best combo ever on a Highland loch, size 10 / 12. .For Beannach and Craggie permits from Dunroamin Caravan Park, Main Street Lairg. Tel 01549 402447

Google Map Reference 58.030134, -4.413953

Checked 02/07/18

Kinlochbervie Hotel Fishing

Fishing for salmon, sea trout and brown trout in 11 surrounding lochs. Sandwood Loch, Loch Gharbet and Skerricha for salmon and sea trout, June to September with July the best month.

Contact Kinlochbervie Hotel, call 0 1971-521275 for pemits.

They can also arrange fishing on the river Dionaird and Loch Stack.

Google Map Reference 58.458415, -5.048471

Checked 16/07/18

Sandwood Loch

I fished it many years ago and saw several good sea trout but I fear it has suffered the same fate as other west coast lochs. The Kinlochbervie Hotel sells permits. The loch is so beautiful it is worth a visit just for the scenery baerly separated from the sea by a tiny bit of beach.

Google Map Reference 58.531722, -5.046310

Checked 16/07/18

Scourie Hotel

25,000 acres of lochs, hill lochs and rivers to chose from, it will take you some time to explore, some lifetimes! There are 36 boats in different locations plus beats on Loch Stack and Loch More, six beats on the river Doinard with two beats available on application. There are salmon and brown trout fishing on the Duart system with sea trout appearing in  recent years. Char can be taken on Loch Stack and Loch More (you must have a ghillie on Stack because of dangerous submerged rocks). Salmon from June onwards, mostly grilse. If that's not enough the scenery is awe inspiring.

Google Map Reference 58.076485, -4.443443


Loch Stack

See Scourie Hotel. Google Map Reference 58.335250, -4.913464

Checked 16/07/18