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Rivers Game

Argideen Angling Association

Argideen AA has a stretch of the Argideen around Itchy Bridge. Best known for it's sea trout they do have a few salmon.

The river is 18 miles long reaching the sea at Timoleague. The river is tidal up to Inchy Bridge.

6 tickets are on offer during the day, best fished with a single worm while there are 20 tickets for night fishing, best with bright flies in the lower reaches and dark flies in the upper reaches.

Permits issued from a hut at Inchy Bridge.

Google Map 51.662279, -8.774267

Checked 21/05/19

Bandon River

The Bandon rises in the Shehy Mountains flowing to the sea at Kinsale through Bandon and Innishannon.

Well now as a salmon and sea trout fishery it does have some good trout fishing.

Salmon fishing really starts with the grilse runs in May with bigger fish arriving in August and September.

Sea trout arrive from May through to August.

Try a Hairy Mary, Silver Wilkinson or Black and Silver for salmon and real traditional Peter Ross, Teal Blue and Silver and Bloody Butcher for sea trout.

The Estuary

Fishing on the estuary extending up through Innishannon Bridge is free. Very productive sea trout water.

Google Map Innishannon Bridge 51.764901, -8.665283

Ballineen and Enniskeane Anglers

The club has 4 miles of fishing on the Bandon, day tickets available. Try Tom Fehily grocers in Bridge st, Ballineen, call +353 23 47173

Googe Map Ballineen 51.734916, -8.950573

Bandon Angling Association

Bandon AA have 7 miles of fishing above and below Bandon Bridge. In high water they recommend fishing up at Bandon Weir.

Call 086 3724 358.

Ggogle Map Bandon Bridge 51.746267, -8.735219

Dunmanway Salmon and Trout Anglers

A small club with 11 miles of fishing from Manch Bridge to Togher Castle. Fishing is fly only for salmon, sea trout and brown trout. Good salmon on the lower stretches, the upper reaches can be difficult in late summer with lots of weed.

Membership and day tickets from the Treasurer call 00353 023 885570

Google Map Dunmanway 51.720058, -9.113249

Kilcoleman Fishery

Salmon and trout fishing over 1.2 miles with 10 named pools on the Bandon river in the 240 acre Kilcoleman Park Estate, County Cork just 20 miles from Kinsale.

The fish start to come in numbers in mid April with grilse from May to September. There are also good sea trout and brown trout to about a pound.

Call 00 353 23 8847279 or +353 862360774.

Google Map Reference 51.733190, -8.873285

Checked 18/05/19

Manch House Fishery

Manch House has 2 miles of fishing on the Bandon for salmon and brown trout. There are 10 named pools . Easy access as the river runs along side the N586.

Call +353 23 4725

Checked 22/05/19

Coomhoola River

A small spate river flowing from Lough Nambrackderg near the Co Kerry border down to Bantry Bay.

A small spate river thet gets a run of grilse in the summer along with sea trout in July and August.

For permits try Coomhoola Bridge Shop.

Goole Map Coomhoola Bridge 51.743725, -9.456385

Checked 22/05/19

Contact Blackwater Salmon Fishery on +353 (0) 872351260 on the land line or +353 (0) 5853929 on the mobile. Based in West Street in Lismore.

Google Map 52.149895, -8.219626 Careysville Weir

Checked 18/05/19

Blackwater River

The Blackwater has a justifiable reputation for being one the best salmon fishing rivers in Ireland and one of the top in Europe with catch statistics of 6000 - 8000 rod caught salmon per year.

Google Street View the river Blackwater at Lismore Castle

Google Street View the Blackwater at Lismore Castle, thats nice!

The river has fish running throughout the year with spingers in the 8 to 20lb range coming in from February to April, grilse arriving from April to July, the early fish being bigger, in the 5 to 7lb range, while later fish are in the 2 to 4lb range.

Summer fish arrive over a 3 week period late May into June and are in the 10 to 15lb range. By far the biggest runs arrive at the end of the season, through August to September, with as much as half of the seasons total catch being landed at this time.

The river rises in the Mountains of East Kerry passing through County Cork and Waterford arriving at the sea at Youghal. The Blackwater has a large tidal stretch, 20 miles infact, from Youghal to Lismore.

Fish running the river are unhindered until they get to Careysville Weir with a second weir further upstream at Fermoy. With a bit of water and /or higher temperatures the weirs do not hold fish up too much but it does make the fishing below Careysville most desireable.

Blackwater Salmon Fisheries

Blackwater Salmon Fisheries have 5 beats, 3 below Careysville Weir and 2 above. They are: Upper and Lower Kilmurry, Kents, Woodstream and Ballyhooly Bridge. About 5 miles in total.

Glenda Powell Guiding is based on Upper Kilmory. Follow her reports on Spinfish at:

Glenda Powell Guiding Blackwater

Contact Blackwater Salmon Fishery on +353 (0) 872351260 on the land line or +353 (0) 5853929 on the mobile. Based in West Street in Lismore.

Google Map 52.149895, -8.219626 Careysville Weir

Checked 18/05/19

Ballyduff Bridge Salmon Fishing

The fishery has 7 beats offering a good variety of types of water some more suited to fly fishing while others would suit spinning better but some good fly fishing towards the tails of the pools.

The beats are spread over a 30 mile length of the river between 60 and 30 k for the estuary at Youghal.

Google Street View Ballyduff Bridge Blackwater

Google Street View Ballyduff Bridge on the Blackwater

The beats are:

Ballyduff Bridge beat 1, a good fly beat; Ballyduff beat 2, slower water suited to spinning; Cable Island beat 1, fly fishing double bank, best on the north side; Cable Island beat 2, fly spin; Ballincurrig, some excellent salmon holding fly water; Blackstone, generally spinning; Magners, a short beat with a good fly run; Ballygarret, a good all rounder with a mix of fly and spinning water.

They have a tackle shop on site and can offer tackle hire and off course guiding and tuition.

Call 353 877205690

Google Map 52.144354, -8.052170 Post Code P51 X2V1

Checked 18/05/19

Ballyvolane House

Ballyvolane House has 6 beats on the Blackwater stretched over 40 miles from Killavullen down stream to Ballyduff. The beats are: Killavullen, Ballyhooly, Carrigacunna, Kilbarry and Ballyduff

Fly and spinning allowed. Beats are rotated daily to prevent crowding and to give everyone a fair chance at the best spots.

In addition they also have 3 stocked trout lakes in the hotel grounds and access to wild trout fishing on the river Bride nearby.

Contact: Ballyvolane House , Castlelyons, Near Fermoy, Co. Cork, Ireland. Tel: +353 25 36349.

Google Map Reference 52.056077, -8.186857 Post Code P61 FP70

Checked 18/05/19

Careysville Fishery

Careysville Fishery consists of 1.75k of double bank fishing on excellent fly water with good wading. 26 named pools fishing from bank and boat. A premium bit of water down stream of the Careysville Weir.

Call on land line, +353 (0) 25 31094 or mobile +353 (0) 86 2378788

Google Screen Satellite Shot Blackwater Careyville Weir

Google Satellite Careyville Weir, you can just see the potential of that pool, oozing!

Google Map 52.147388, -8.212798 Post Code P61 VF53

Checked 13/08/19


Ilen Angling Club has extensive fishing on this very attractive medium sized spate river. They have carried out works to open up more fishing and are enjoying improving runs of salmon and sea trout since the drift nets were banned.

Fly and spinning is allowed. The river fishing well in a falling spate and I guess with it being in the south spates are not uncommon.

Membership open to overseas visitors and day, 3 day and week tickets available. Junior get a 50% discount.

Permits available from Pierce Hickey Newsagents in The Square in Skibereen. Call 028 21354.

For membership enquiries go to:

Ilen AC Membership Application

Google Map Ref for Skibereen 51.554967, -9.264831

Checked 21/05/19

Longueville House

Longgueville House has a 1.5 mile stretch of the river Blackwater consisting of 7 beats. Salmon and some very good trout fishing. The fishery is located some 45 miles upstream from Cappoquin.

Longueville House, Mallow, Co Cork, Ireland. Call +353 (0) 22 47156.

Google Map Reference 52.138365, -8.736334 Post Code P61 VF53

Checked 18/05/19


The river Lee enters the sea at cork however just 8 miles of it's length is available for salmon fishing as it has been dammed at Inniscarra to create Taiscumer Reservoir and futher up to form Gearagh Resevoir.

The waters are managed by the Electricity Genarating Board who issue tickets, all legal methods allowed. The fishing is best from June to September with both salmon and sea trout entering the river. Some good brown trout too.

Lee Salmon Anglers

Lee Anglers have a fair bit of water on the river. Downstream from the Regional Park bridge on the north bank from the Lee Road tackle shop. They also have downstream from the Anglers Rest from the Shournagh junction for 2 field lengths, north bank and from the Anglers Rest downstream from the Gespian sign to Leefield Park, south bank.

On the upper river they have the south side from the Inniscarra dam down to the Regional Park.

The fishing is for salmon, sea trout and brown trout.

Day tickets are available no information on their web site.

Checked 18/05/19

Electricity Generating Board

ESB issue tickets for the Inniscarra Fishery from on site at the dam. Call 0879983879

Checked 18/05/19

Glashaboy River

This small river enters the sea at Glanmire near Cork. There are decents runs of sea trout from mid June.

Sunnyside House near Macroom offer permits Call +035 26 41222

Checked 18/05/19

Stillwaters / Loughs

Ballyhass Fishery

Ballyhass near Mallow has 2 lakes for fishing:

Main Lake is 12 acres up to 30 feet deep, gin clear spring fed waters. Stocked with rainbows and brown trout from 2lb up to 6/8lbs.

Fishing is from the bank or from a boat. Boats and electric outboards for hire. Float tubing is also allowed.

Upper Lake is 2 acres, bank fishing only. There are terraced platforms to fish off. Fly, worm, spinning and bubble float with a fly allowed. Stocked with fish of about 2lbs.

Call +353 22 27773

Google Map 52.168185, -8.800711 Post Code P52 N990

Checked 18/05/19

Managed Community Trout Fisheries

There are 4 loughs manged under this scheme in the South Western Region, two in Co Cork and two in Co Kerry.

Season, 21 day and day permits available, concessions for over 65s and under 16s on season and day tickets

The county Cork fisheries are:

Lough Bonfine

Bonfine is a 25 acre fishery about 3 miles from Bantry offering bank and boat fishing for rainbow trout and brown trout. There are also pike, perch, eels and rudd present.

Fishing with worm, fly or spinner allowed, boats available for hire. There is a fork on the road from Bantry going either side of the lough which affords good access to much of the bank.

Permits from:

TW Murray & Co, Patrick St, Cork; Halfway Angling Centre in Ballinhassig; Landers Outdoor World in Tralee.

Google Map 51.682135, -9.388757

Shepperton Lakes

2 lakes either side of the N71, 3 miles from Skibereen. The biggger of the 2, 35 acres, is up to 40ft deep, set in woodland. Bank and boat fishing. The lake has a good stock of wild brown trout and is stocked regularly with rainbows. There are also rudd and pike. Boat and bank fishing.

Season and day tickets available with discounts for seniors and juniors. Boats for hire

The smaller lough, Ballinlough, the permit is for up to 2 people fishing from a boat.

Call 028 33328 or visit:

TW Murray & Co, Patrick St, Cork; Halfway Angling Centre in Ballinhassig; Landers Outdoor World in Tralee.

Google Map 51.570192, -9.178066

Checked 18/05/19

Coarse Fishing

Lee Valley

The river Lee is extensively dam by the Electricity Generating Board creating a series of reservoirs from Inniscarra Dam ( Google Map 51.900352, -8.662402) upstream to Google Map 51.872603, -9.024167 near Toonsbridge. Estmate 25 k of reservoirs and stretches of the river Lee.

Inniscarra Dam (Traiscumar Reservoir on Google Map) has become an international venue due to the quailty of the fishing with excellent pike, big bream, lots of rudd and bream / rudd hydrids.

Fishing at Inniscarra is by permit only, which is priced very reasonabley. Adult and Junior season, week and day tickets available from O'Callaghans Bar, call 00 353 (0) 217 334023 and Cooneys Service Station in Coachford .

There are good spots at:

The Greenway, a 2.7k stretch of bank with a roadway close to the water. The road is gated and you need to get a key from O'Callaghans Bar paying a good deposit. Google Map for the entrance to the Greenway 51.896734, -8.783777

There are 35 pegs up at Dripsey accessible through Griffins Garden Centre (Google Map Reference 51.912093, -8.725129)

20 swims at Inishlena, 30 swims at Graveyard just 5 minutes from Coachford.

There are several other good access points.

Further up at Carrigahrohid Dam the river / reservoir meanders on offering more quality fishing up to the Gearagh.

Even then it isn't finished because 5 or 6 miles further up stream is Lough Allua known for some excellent pike fishing, perch, bream and rudd. Electricity Generating Board permit required. Try OCallaghans

This one river / reservoir sytem could keep you busy for weeks exploring it's ins, outs and meanders.

Checked 19/05/19