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Spinfish A to Z Guide to Fisheries Accessible to Disabled Anglers

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Accessible Fisheries in Southern Ireland

For information on fisheries with facilities for disabled anglers in Ireland go to:

Fishing for Disabled Anglers on Fishing in Ireland

Rivers (Game)

Sorry no rivers with access for disabled anglers found

Stillwaters / Loughs (Game)

Lough Currane

Reputedly the best sea trout fishing venue in Ireland (average 1.5lbs with fish up to 10lbs and more, 90% of Irish specimens come from here) Currane holds good stocks of salmon and brown trout as well.

The lough is 2500 acres and is almost at sea level and connected to the sea by the very short, 500 yards, river Waterville River so the fish do not have far to travel hence they are in prime condition and fight like fury. Fishing on th Watervillle River including the famed batlers Pool call, +353 66 9474244.

Google Screen Shot Watervile River

The salmon fishing starts early, Feb to April and mostly they are trolled for. The sea trout arrive from May onwards with the biggest fish coming early and the smaller fish arriving with the grilse from June onwards.

Recommended flies are bright and bushy, for salmon try Hairy Mary, Blue Charm or Thunder and Lightening, for sea trout and try claret bumble, Fiery Brown, Peter Ross, Wickhams, Connemara Black, Bloody Butcher, Bibios work for the trout which average about .75lbs.

Fishing is free on the loch and boats and ghillies can be hired locally. You still need to have a salmon license.

There is hoist at Frank Donnelly's Angling Centre at Lakeland Farm to assist disabled anglers in and out of boats. Call 066 9474303

This link will take you to the Fishing In Ireland web site where they have a list of guides:

Fishing In Ireland Web site Guides

Google Map Reference 51.822164, -10.162413

Checked 13/06/19

Killarney Lakes (including L Leane, Muckross and Upper Lake)

Salmon, sea trout and brown trout fishing on on three closely connected loughs; Lough Leane, Muckross lake and Upper Lake set in stunning scenery. Fishing is I believe free but it is best to check. All legal methods allowed. Deep trawling is favoured for salmon.

Best flies for trout, Bibio, Black Zulu, Bog Fly, Alder and when in season the Hawthorn and Duck Fly.

Much to my surprise I found reference to 18 smaller lakes in the Killarney Lakes system that have bass, wide mouthed bass, lake trout, yellow perch as well as pike. Can anyone confirm this?

Lough Lein Angling Association fishes the lough. A very active club they they have a lively competion scene going and have raised a phenominal 229,000 euros for charity over the years. Well done! They also have a concrete platform for use by wheelchair users

Boat Hire from Sweeney Boats in Killarney call 064 6644207

I understand a disabled accessible boat is available as well as a hoist to assist anglers with a disability to get in and out of boats.

Google Map Ref Ross Castle boat harbour; 52.040566, -9.531476

Checked 12/06/19

Coarse Fishing

Pike fishing on Lough Leane is good and there is a hoist available to assist disabled anglers into and out of boats