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Accessible Fisheries in Southern Ireland

For information on fisheries with facilities for disabled anglers in Ireland go to:

Fishing for Disabled Anglers on Fishing in Ireland


Glenamoy River

The Glenamoy River located in North Mayo is 23 km long of which The Glenamoy Angling club leases 8km from New Bridge to the meetings with the Muingnaboo river from the state.

The river has good runs of salmon and sea trout and a healthy population of wild brown trout. Fishing for all 3 species starts on the 1st of May, salmon stops on the 30th of September but sea and brown trout go on to the 12th of October.

This is a spate river and fishes best in falling water. Grilse come in with the first spates in July then through to September. Back end fishing can be very good. Traditional flies (the river is fly only) like Thunder and Lightening, Hairy Mary and shrimp patterns do well.

With support from Inland Fisheries the club has extensively improved the water creating more bank space, building bridges and styles but one thing they are rightly proud of is the provision of a pool with wheelchair access for 2/3 anglers.

Google Street View, Glenamoy River, Disabled stands

Glenamoy AC fishing stand for disabled anglers. Google Map Ref 54.239628, -9.657707

Day tickets are available from The Anglers Rest pub in Glenamoy. There is a 50% discount for disabled anglers. Google Map Ref 54.240597, -9.679693

Checked 24/07/19


The Moy is a prolific fishery with beats like the 300 yard Ridge Pool in heart of Ballina being being booked sold because of the quality of the fishing. I could write screeds about the river but Salmon Ireland has done the jonb already so I refer you to this link:

Salmon in Ireland River Moy

Ballina Salmon Anglers Association

Ballina SAA have a 3 mile double bank stretch from Ballinna Weir to the junction with the Corroy river. The upper parts are slow and deep and suit spinning and worm however they have developed the lower part to enhance fly fishing conditions. 1 to 2000 fish canb be caught every year on this beat.

Permits from tackle shops in Ballina.

Google Street View River Moy access for disabled anglers

Google Street View disabled access river Moy in Ballina on the Moy Fishery

Google Map Ref 54.109884, -9.157459

Checked 54/07/19

East Mayo Anglers Association

East Mayo AA have a 9 mile stretch of the river Moy, prime fishing water from Cloongullane Bridge to Clongee just outside Foxford.

Top of the fishery Google Map 53.958642, -8.994019 to just above where Lough Cullin drains into the river, right hand bank.

It is a mixture of water types with extensive stretches of deep slow meadering pools and stretches with cracking good fly water, reminds me a lot of the Spey from Grantown on Spey up through the Abernethy Club water.

The Moy is a first class salmon fishery, no doubt about it and it doesn't break the bank for a day or a week ticket, in fact it is bargain!

The club managed to get funding from Inland Fisheries Ireland to install a 75m platform with ramps and a safety railing right on a prime bit of water at Crillaun Straide so that anglers with disabilities could access the fishing. The facility is wheelchair accessible. Now that is special.

For details on where to buy permits locally or on line follow this link:

East Mayo Angling Permits

Google-screen shot River May

Checked 13/06/19

Stillwaters / Loughs

Sorry can't find any stillwaters with facilities for disabled anglers

Coarse Fishing

Sorry can't find any coarse fishing facilities for disabled anglers