Spinfish Fisheries with Access for Disabled Anglers - Roscommon

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Spinfish A to Z Guide to Fisheries Accessible to Disabled Anglers

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Accessible Fisheries in Southern Ireland

For information on fisheries with facilities for disabled anglers in Ireland go to:

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Stillwaters / Loughs

Loch Ree

The second biggest lough on the Shannon river system lies on the border between Co Westmeath and Longford. Located near the town of Atlone. The loch is a limestone water which ensures this mixed fishery has the food species to grow fish.

The trout fishing has improved significantly based on the fact that the size limit for trout is minimum size, 36cm, about 14 inches.

Fly fishing is very effective with good hatches of flies although many anglers troll rapalas. Fly fishing is down in the shallows especiall at Inch More, Hare Island and Inch Turk.

Fishing on the lough does not require a license. There is good access to launch boats. At Lanesboro there is a slipway, jetty, fishing platforms and specially designed facilities for disabled anglers.

Google Map Reference Landboro 53.673571, -7.997417

Hares Island 53.473660, -7.934599

Inch More 53.507111, -7.936969

Inch Turk 53.520354, -7.937316

Checked 13/07/19

Coarse Fishing

Loch Ree

The second biggest lough on the Shannon river system lies on the border between Co Westmeath and Longford. Located jusy north of the town of Atlone the loch has good stocks of bream, pike, perch, roach and eels.

At the other end of the loch is Lanesboro where there are custom built facilites for disabled anglers. Excellent coarse fishing due to the warm wate outlfow from the Lanesboro Power Station.

Shannon Lanesboro

Google Street View Lanesboro

Google Map Reference 53.674056, -7.992111

Checked 13/07/19

Strokestown Lakes

In the vinicty of Strokestown there are 14 loughs with some excellent coarse fishing many with very good facilities provided by Inland Fisheries all within easy driving distance. The Loughs are:

Lough na Blaithi (Lough Nablahy on Google Map)

A 600 acre lake holding good stocks of bream, roach and hybrids. At the north end there is some very good tench fishing too.

There is a 600 metre boardwalk on the southern shore northern bank that can accomodate 40 anglers with 4 pegs designated for anglers with disablilities.

Google Satelitte Lough na Blaithi broardwalk

Google Satalette Lough na Blaithi with the 600m boardwalk (white diagonal line along the shore) Google Map Ref for access 53.849180, -8.076247

At the north end the are 20 pegs Google Map Ref for access 53.851635, -8.068019

The lough also has some very good pike but it is recommended that you fish for them from a boat.

Cloonahee Lake

Cloonahee has some excellent bream, rudd, hybdirds and big pike. The is a boardwalk with 30 pegs 3 of which are designed for disabled anglers.

Google Map Ref 53.854628, -8.100751 This is the access point for the boardwalk fishing.

Kilglass Lake

Killglass holds good stocks of bream, rudd, roach, hybrids, with tench hanging out to the north end of the lough. There are some good pike in this lake too. There are stands giving access to deeper water.

Google Street View Lough Kilglass

Google Street View Lough Kilglass jetty.

The lough is connected to the Grange lough via the Carigeen Cut then to the Shannon

Google Map 53.807365, -8.031140

Checked 06/08/19