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The Upper reaches of the famous Blackwater meander back and forward across the border between county Kerry and county Cork how ever there is an other Blackwater in Kerry.

Flowing from Lough Brin for 12 miles to the sea at Kenmare Bay this small river is reconed to have a run of about 1,500 salmon a year from 17th March to 30th September. Sea trout fishing is also very good at times.

Fly, spinner or worm allowed but fly is best. Traditional patterns do well on lower water while shrinp patterns are good in higher water.

Day tickets are available from the fishing hut and if closed go to the Blackwater Tavern where they can issue a permit.

Google Map Fishery Office 51.870647, -9.755709 Blackwater Tavern 51.887857, -9.746470 Call +353 64 668 2003

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The river Caragh flows through Lough Caragh providing a river of two halfs. The Upper water above the lough is streamy fly water for salmon and grilse split into 7 beat beat for one rod each beat covering 4 miles. Any legal method (no shrimp or prawn). Contact the Glencar Hotel for bookings, call 353 (0) 66 9760102.

The lower beat is run by KRD Fisheries Ltd. Good runs of sprigers from the start of the season with grilse from May onwards and lots of small sea trout in mid August. The sea trout fishing is particularly good in the tidal stretches however they do not run far up the river. The river is generally very slow flowing below Lough Caragh and is fished by trolling from a boat from the lough to Blackstone Bridge.

KRD can aslo provide boats and ghillies for fishing on Lough Caragh where salmon can be taken at the start of the season from 17th February onwards. Salmon fishing is by trolling on the lough, fly does't do well. Sea trout arrive in July and the fishing is particularly good in the outflow pool. Lots of small trout, but a few breafast size fish can be caught most days.

Call KRD Fieries on +353 (0) 66 9761106

Google Map 52.052951, -9.862502

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Rated as one of the most productive rivers in Ireland the Fearle offers up great angling for salmon and sea trout with over 1500 salmon and 2000 sea trout coming to rods in an average year. The river is 46 miles long with much of the fishing in the hands of angling clubs that issue day and week tickets.

At this time the Feale is Catch and Release for any salmon or sea trout over 40cm. Single or double barbless hooks, no worm ot prawn.

Brosna Mountcollins has an 8 mile stretch of the Feale from the junction with the Owenveg River upstream to a point near Ahuan Bridge. Excellent sea trout fishing from May to September and some grilse in the summer. Call +353 (0) 68 44281.

Google Map for the Owenveg / Feale junction 52.355191, -9.340819

Killocrim and Finuge Fishing Club has about8km of water on the lower beats of th river from 1 km above Scartlea Dam to 1.5 km below Finuge Bridge on the Killocrim side os the river.

Full and half day tickets available from the club treasurer call 068 24700

North Kerry Angling Association controls 9 miles of water including the river Smearlagh and the redeveloped town water stretches at Listowel. The river has excellent fly water handled with a 14 foot rod and a bit of wading.

River Feale at Listowel

Salmon start in spring in April with grilse arriving later in June peaking in July. There is a good back end run of bigger fish in Autmn. Best salmon stretches from the tidal water to Abbeyfeale.

Sea trout run from May and go through fast to the middle river. Fishing is best below Listowell and above Abbeyfeale.

For information on permits call 06822537

Google Map Reference 52.386831, -9.303333 Abbeyfeale; Listowel 52.441621, -9.478753

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The river Flesk is about 20 miles long rising in the hills of West Cork flowing west into Lough Leane in Kerry. A spate river it is quite fast and rugged in it's upper reaches slowing as it approaches the lough.

The river is accessible at Whitebridge next to Killarney and from th N22 where a good 2.5m of river run alongside the road.

There is a run of spring fish up to May followed by grisle over the summer. There is also a small run of sea trout in the summer and a run of wild brown trout that run up for Lough Leane.

For permits try the Cahernane Hotel in Killarney, Lough Lein AA, Anglers Paradise and O'Neils Tackle shop in Plunkett St in Killarney.

The Flesk at Whitebridge

Google Screen Shot The River Flesk at Whitebridge

Google Map 52.056799, -9.476688

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Gap of Dunloe / Black Valley

An area of great scenic beauty studded with many small lakes full of small brown trout for a fun day out. Google Map Reference 52.019981, -9.636380


A medium sized river with extensive tidal waters from the sea to up past Castlemaine. Generally slow and meandering the river is not easily accessed however it does get good runs of salmon and sea trout with some big sea trout caught every year.

The Maine is joined by the Brown Flesk up near Inchinvimo.

The Maine and Brown Flesk Anglers club has about 40km of water on the two rivers, call 0876689089 for further information or contact Landers Outdoor World, Mile Height, Killarney Road Tralee for permits. Call +353 66 7126644.

Google Map 52.167484, -9.702585

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River Luane

Luane STA have 3 beats on the river Luane offering excellent salmon fishing at very reasonable prices in stunning locations. The river looks pretty tasty too with excellent fly wataer. The beat extends from just above Killgoran up to Beaufort Bridge.

The club is to be commended for the effort they put in to clean the banks and repair and replace bridges and walkways over burns and bog.

Day permits from O'Sullivan's Shop in Beaufort Bridge are very reasonabley priced for the quality of fishing (discounts for oaps and juveniles).

Google Screenshot River Luane

Google Map Reference 52.074864, -9.632072

For much more information got Inland Fisheries Ireland at this link:

Inland Fisheries Ireland R Luane

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Roughty (and Slaney)

The Roughty and it tibutary the Slaney is an attractive fishery mostly placid glides but with some attractive cascades in the upper reaches. About 20 miles long the Roughty has a spring run with grilse arriving in mid June peaking in July. The river also has a decent run of sea trout.

There are a couple of angling clubs and Kenmare Salmon Angling have a beat at Kilgarvan, call 353 (0) 64 6641162.

Also John O'Hares Tackle Shop in Main Street, Kenmare, call 353 (0) 64 66 41499

Google Map

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Sheen River

The Sheen rises in the Caha Mountains flowing 13 miles to Kenmore Bay. A spate river it has runs of springers from March with grilse following from June into July. There is also a run run of big back end fish.

Call +353 (0)64 6641600 to book.

Checked 13/06.19


A short river of about 10 miles, a tributary of the Fearle the Smearlagh offers good angling for migratory fish if the angler is willing to be adaptable. The fishing on 9 miles of the river is run by the North Kerry AA who offer day and week tickets.

For permits see the entry above for the Fearle.

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Stillwaters / Loughs

Killarney Lakes (including L Leane, Muckross and Upper Lake)

Salmon, sea trout and brown trout fishing on on three closely connected loughs; Lough Leane, Muckross lake and Upper Lake set in stunning scenery. Fishing is I believe free but it is best to check. All legal methods allowed. Deep trawling is favoured for salmon.

Best flies for trout, Bibio, Black Zulu, Bog Fly, Alder and when in season the Hawthorn and Duck Fly.

Much to my surprise I found reference to 18 smaller lakes in the Killarney Lakes system that have bass, wide mouthed bass, lake trout, yellow perch as well as pike. Can anyone confirm this?

Lough Lein Angling Association fishes the lough. A very active club they they have a lively competion scene going and have raised a phenominal 229,000 euros for charity over the years. Well done! They also have a concrete platform for use by wheelchair users

Boat Hire from Sweeney Boats in Killarney call 064 6644207

Google Map Ref Ross Castle boat harbour; 52.040566, -9.531476

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Lough Caragh

See River Caragh above.

Lough Currane

Reputedly the best sea trout fishing venue in Ireland (average 1.5lbs with fish up to 10lbs and more, 90% of Irish specimens come from here) Currane holds good stocks of salmon and brown trout as well.

The lough is 2500 acres and is almost at sea level and connected to the sea by the very short, 500 yards, river Waterville River so the fish do not have far to travel hence they are in prime condition and fight like fury. Fishing on th Watervillle River including the famed batlers Pool call, +353 66 9474244.

Google Screen Shot Watervile River

The salmon fishing starts early, Feb to April and mostly they are trolled for. The sea trout arrive from May onwards with the biggest fish coming early and the smaller fish arriving with the grilse from June onwards.

Recommended flies are bright and bushy, for salmon try Hairy Mary, Blue Charm or Thunder and Lightening, for sea trout and try claret bumble, Fiery Brown, Peter Ross, Wickhams, Connemara Black, Bloody Butcher, Bibios work for the trout which average about .75lbs.

Fishing is free on the loch and boats and ghillies can be hired locally. You still need to have a salmon license.

There is hoist at Frank Donnelly's Angling Centre at Lakeland Farm to assist disabled anglers in and out of boats. Call 066 9474303

This link will take you to the Fishing In Ireland web site where they have a list of guides:

Fishing In Ireland Web site Guides

Google Map Reference 51.822164, -10.162413

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Managed Community Trout Fisheries

There are 4 loughs managed under this scheme in the South Western Region, two in Co Cork and two in Co Kerry. Season, 21 day and day permits available, concessions for over 65s and under 16s on season and day tickets.

The county Kerry fisheries are:

Lough Fada

A long narrow lough of about 14 acres with a road running along the southern bank giving good access. The north bank is very steep and would best be fished from a boat.

The lough is stocked with rainbows with some good over wintered fish.There are also some rudd and eels. Fly, spinner (mepps good) and worm allowed.

Permits and boat hire from the Blackwater Tavern in Kenmare, permits also from:

TW Murray & Co, Patrick St, Cork; Halfway Angling Centre in Ballinhassig; Landers Outdoor World in Tralee.

Google Map 51.926412, -9.737683

Checked 13/06/19

Barfinny Lake

A 35 acre hill lough near Molls Gap fishing for wild brown trout and stocked rainbows in gin clear water. The banks are good all round however there there are boats for hire. Fly, spinner or worm allowed.

Permits from: Avoca Handweavers, Molls Gap, John O'Hare Fishing Tackle and O' Neils Cycle shop in Kenmare, also from;

TW Murray & Co, Patrick St, Cork; Halfway Angling Centre in Ballinhassig; Landers Outdoor World in Tralee.

Google Map 51.932959, -9.670634

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Coarse Fishing

There is a lot of coarse fishing in the area but mostly for predators, very big pike and good perch. See stillwaters above for details.