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There is a lot of fishing water in Leitrim with very good coarse and salmon and trout fishing thoughout the county on the Shannon and associated waters.

There is such a concentration of good fishing they seem to organise around angling centres. Carrick on Shannon for example not only has the river Shannon it has 41 loughs, pointless to list them here when Leitrim Tourism has done the job

Here is link to some brief details about angling centres in Leitrim:

Angling Centres in Leitrim

The Shannon

The river Shannon is one enormous fishery running through several counties, many loughs and an associated, extensive canal system.

Sourced from Shannon Pot the river flows 224 miles through Cavan, Leitrim, Longford, Westmeath, Rosscommon, Offaly, Gallway, Tiperary, Limerick and Clare forming the border between counties for much of it's length.

Google Satellite View Shannon Pots

Google Satelite View, That little spot is the soure of the Shannon. From little acorns....

The Shannon drains one fith of Ireland, 6,512 sqaure mile, passing through loughs Allen, Drumharlow, Corry, Tap, Boderg, Bofin, Forbes, Ree, and Derg. It is also linked to Dublin by the Grand Canal. There are also many canalised sections associated with the river Shannon.

Shannon is mentioned in all counties in Spinfish Where to Fish guide to fishing in Ireland but there is so much of it you really need many more references to get to grips with this famed river. Here are a few links well worth checking out:

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Midland Fisheries Group, Waters and Permits

Rivers Game

Drowes Salmon Fishery

The Drowes forming the border between Donegal and Leitrim draining Lough Melvin is reconned to be the top spring fishery in Ireland. It consists of 5 miles of river with 70 named pools. The river has a lot of good fly water however there are pools which suit spinning and bait fishing better. Flowing into Lareen Bay near Tullaghan the river opens for fishing in the 1st of January and fish are often taken on the first day.

Drowse Tullaghan

Spring fishing peaks in March / April followed by a very good run of grilse peaking in June and July. There is some excellent brown trout fishing from early summer.

Access to the river is good with miles of wooden walk ways installed along the river bank. The fishery office has a a tackle shop where you can buy permits and hire boats for lough Melvin.

River Drowes

To book call +353 (0) 71 98 41055 or 87 8050806

Google Map 54.452785, -8.241942 (Fishery Office)

Checked 28/06/19

River Bonnet

Manorhamilton Angling Club have 7 miles of the Bonnet from a mile below Glenade Lough down to Gortgarrigan Bridge. The river has runs of salmon and sea trout from April with July, August and September being best for sea trout. There are aslo some good wild brownies. Permits from local tackle shop.

Google streetview river Bonnet

Google Map Reference Approx Below Glenlade Lough 54.301251, -8.196679

Checked 24/06/19

Stillwaters / Loughs

Lough Melvin

Straddling the border with northern Ireland lough Melvin is about 13 miles long and up to 3 miles wide.

Melvin have a rare mix of species including the usual brown trout, salmon, ferox then there are sonaghan, gillaroo (the later two C & R only).

Grisle arrive in numbers in June and can be caught anywhere beteen Kinlough and Rossinver.

Rossinver Fishery extends from Rossiver along the south bank where the R281 runs along the lough and up to the border with Northern Ireland. This includes Rossinver and Eden Bays, the most productive salmon drifts. The fishery is a syndicate water but they do day tickets either with your own boat or one of theirs. Call 44 (0) 7793559640.

If you want to fish across the border you will need a permit from Lough Melvin AA from Melvin Tackle in Garrison, 028 6865 8194, Gilroys SPAR and Lough Melvin Holiday Centre. Melvin Tackle can offer boat hire. You will also need DAERA license.

Checked 24/06/19

Lough Rowan

Located between Ballinamore and Mohill Lough Rowan is a 100 acre fishery managed by the Rinn-Shannon and District Angling Club.

Initially stocked with brown trout the fishery now has triploid rainbows to 4lbs stocked regualarly.

There is also a good head of pike with fish to high 20s caught regularly.

Fishing is by any legal method (no maggots), bank and boat, wading conditions are good. There is also a wheelieboat for hire to anglers with disabilities or just disabled people who enjoy wildlife or photography

Permits from local tackle shops.

. Google Map Reference 54.002476, -7.870456

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Coarse Fishing

There is so much fishing in Leitrim and it is all detailed out by Leitrin Tourism so here is the link:

Angling Tourism Leitrim

Bolnagard Lake

Bolnagard near ear Ballinamore is where the Irish record for bream was taken in 1997, it weighed 12lb 3ozs. There are also roach, perch, pike and eels and roach / bream hybrids. Coarse fishing is free. Nearby you will find 3 more lochs; Corgar, Drumlonan, Corduff and the 1200 acre Garadace Lough, all good waters with very good tench.

The fishery has been developed by Inland Fisheries with good fishing platforms.

Google Map Reference 54.061248, -7.770589

For infromation on top fishing venues in Leitrim Go To:

Fishing Around Carrick on Shannon

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River Rinn

The river Rinn flows from Lough Rinn which is county Leitrim. All a bit complex so best to have a look at this link to to Fishing in Ireland to see the plethora of fishing options available in this area;

Lough and River Rinn and surrounding area

Checked 14/07/19

Lough Scur

Near Keshcarrigan holds good stocks of bream, roach, hybrids, pike and perch.

Google Map Reference 54.025169, -7.954911

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