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Rivers Game

Bunowen (Inland Fisheries Ireland)

Salmon and sea trout fishing on this spate river which has several good holding pools. Fishing is Catch and Release at present. Deep and slow in the lower reaches below Louisburgh the river transforms into good fly water further up stream with grilse arriving in June in numbers, average 5lbs.

Fly fishing is the preferred method but worm and spinner is allowed. There is a we run of sea trout C & R only.

Permits from Durkan's Gala Shop in Loiusburgh.

Google Map Reference 53.762267, -9.810074

Checked 06/06/19

Carrowbeg River

The Carrowbeg is a small river flowing from Knappabeg Lough with some runs of salmon and sea trout plus some wild trout. I believe the river is stocked to promote sport.

Some information says the fishing is free in some areas but does not specify. There is a fishing tackle shop in in Castlebar Street in Westport and I suggest you pop in there and ask.

Google Map 53.800717, -9.520466

Checked 25/07/19

Delphi Fishery

This famous west coast salmon fishery offers fishing on the river and loughs on a daily rotation, maximum 12 rods per day.

Google Screen Shot Delphi Fishery

River fishing is on the Bundorragh above, a short river just a mile long, excellent fly water even in a spate. That Google view from the bridge just above the first sea pool looks so good.

There are 3 loughs, Fin Lough, Doo Lough and Glencullen.

Fishing is fly only except Doo Lough where trawling is allowed in the early season.

Google Screenshot river Bundarragh delphi.

Had to find an other Google Screenshot of that river, reminds me of the West Highlands. Infact the west still looks like that, just, without the fish.

Delphi stocks annually with 50,000 smolt to keep the numbers up. All stock fish are fin clipped for easy identification and are catch and kill. 10 year average 355 fish approximately 50:50 river and lough with seasonal variations.

Booking in advance is best but there are day tickets available from time to time. Call +353 95 42222.

Google Map Reference 53.632850, -9.747389

Checked 06/06/19

Erriff Fishery

The river Erriff is a classic spate river of about 20 miles with the lower 8 being good salmon fishing water. The Erriff has a run of a few spring fish but fishing really gets going from May with the arrival of big summer salmon and grilse.

There are 9 beats for 2 rods each beat. Beat 9, the one below the Aasleagh Falls, to the sea is by far the best. The falls are an impressive obstacle and it never ceases to amaze me what a salmon can mount in it's determination to run a river. It also suggests that some spates on the river can be spectacular too. The river is all good fly water with good deep holding pools and nice glides. See the Google Screen Shot below for pic of the falls:

Google Screenshot Aasleigh Fall river Erriff
The fishing is managed by Aasleagh Lodge. Call 353 87 910 4328

Google Map 53.617953, -9.671192

Checked 10/06/19

Glenamoy River

The Glenamoy River located in North Mayo is 23 km long of which The Glenamoy Angling club leases 8km from New Bridge to the meetings with the Muingnaboo river from the state.

The river has good runs of salmon and sea trout and a healthy population of wild brown trout. Fishing for all 3 species starts on the 1st of May, salmon stops on the 30th of September but sea and brown trout go on to the 12th of October.

This is a spate river and fishes best in falling water. Grilse come in with the first spates in July then through to September. Back end fishing can be very good. Traditional flies (the river is fly only) like Thunder and Lightening, Hairy Mary and shrimp patterns do well.

With support from Inland Fisheries the club has extensively improved the water creating more bank space, building bridges and styles but one thing they are rightly proud of is the provision of a pool with wheelchair access for 2/3 anglers.

Google Street View, Glenamoy River, Disabled stands

Glenamoy AC fishing stand for disabled anglers. Google Map Ref 54.239628, -9.657707

Day tickets are available from The Anglers Rest pub in Glenamoy. There is a 50% discount for disabled anglers. Google Map Ref 54.240597, -9.679693

Checked 24/07/19

Manulla River

Entering the south end of Lough Cullin the Manulla has two main tributaries, the Clydagh and the Castlebar River. The river flows over limestone giving them the qualities needed to grow good trout.

The tributaries and upper reaches of the Manulla have some nice pools and runs while the lower reaches of the Manulla tend to be slow. Good fly life, good trout, especially with dry dry fly spot fishing in clear water.

Access is not so good please ask around before yomping across someones fields.

Google Map 53.894238, -9.166376 Bridge across the Manulla on the N5 and 53.943826, -9.175526 on the lower river but parking is difficult. Please don't block farm gates.

Google Street View manulla at the bridge on the N5

Checked 22/07/19


The Moy is a prolific fishery with beats like the 300 yard Ridge Pool in heart of Ballina being being booked sold because of the quality of the fishing. I could write screeds about the river but Salmon Ireland has done the job already so I refer you to this link:

Salmon in Ireland River Moy

Ballina Salmon Anglers Association

Ballina SAA have a 3 mile double bank stretch from Ballinna Weir to the junction with the Corroy river. The upper parts are slow and deep and suit spinning and worm however they have developed the lower part to enhance fly fishing conditions. 1 to 2000 fish canb be caught every year on this beat.

Permits from tackle shops in Ballina.

Google Street View River Moy access for disabled anglers

Google Street View disabled access river Moy in Ballina Google Map Ref 54.109884, -9.157459

Checked 54/07/19

Clongee Fishery

A very proflific fishery with a 5 year average 800 salmon. There are three miles of fishing on the river Moy and a further 2 miles including the Lake River connecting the Moy with Loughs Cullin and Conn.

There is some very good fly water with worm and spinner doing well on the lower beats.

To book call +353 (0) 9456960 or on mobile +353 (0) 87 2796243.

Google Map 53.965653, -9.129794 Beats above and below this point including the Lake River.

Checked 24/07/19

East Mayo Anglers Association

Google Map River Moy Foxford

River Moy, Foxford

East Mayo AA have a 9 mile stretch of the river Moy, prime fishing water from Cloongullane Bridge to Clongee just outside Foxford.

Top of the fishery Google Map 53.958642, -8.994019 to just above where Lough Cullin drains into the river, right hand bank.

It is a mixture of water types with extensive stretches of deep slow meadering pools and stretches with cracking good fly water, reminds me a lot of the Spey from Grantown on Spey up through the Abernethy Club water.

The Moy is a first class salmon fishery, no doubt about it and it doesn't break the bank for a day or a week ticket, in fact it is bargain!

The club managed to get funding from Inland Fisheries Ireland to install a 76m platform with ramps and a safety railing right on a prime bit of water so that anglers with disabilities could access the fishing. There are is a changing romm facility, toilets and a car park. Now that is special.

For details on where to buy permits locally or on line follow this link:

East Mayo Angling Permits

Google-screen shot River May

Checked 13/06/19

Foxford Fishery

A private fishery just outside Foxford consisting of 2.5km double bank for 9 rods and 1.5km for 12 rods.

Fishing picks up in April peaking in May with the spring runs, fish averaging 9lbs with fish to 20lb. The summer sees grisle comming from May continuing through june, July and August. September sees some good fishing for back end fish especially after a spate.

Google Street View Foxford Fishery

Contact Foxford Fishery call +353 (0) 86 803 2350

Google Map 53.989517, -9.113180

Checked 24/07/19

Newport River

Newport House Fishery

Newport River and Loch Beltra, 8 miles double bank fishing on the Newport River plus boat fishing on Loch Beltra for good spring salmon from the start of the season and grilse from June onwards. There is also a run of bigger fish in September.

Google Street View Newport River

Google Street View Newport river Castlebar Rd crossing

The river is a small but productive fishery easily fished from the bank with an 11 foot. 24 named pools with limited numbers or rods to avoid over fishing. Ghillies are available for the river or lough on a daily basis.

The season is 20th March to 30th September. Rods can take up to 3 fish up to 11th May with a daily limit of 3 fish per day up to a maximum of 10 for the season. Call (*353 098 4122) for further information.

Google Map Reference 53.884708, -9.546614

Owenmore River

The Owenmore (referred to as Oweniny on Google Map) is a very productive spate river that rises in the Nephin Moutains and flows for 10 miles passing through Bangor Erris to enter the sea at Tullaghan Bay .Much of the river is in private hands however the Bangor Erris Angling Club have a stretch of water under their control.

The Bangor Erris club a 4 mile stretch of the river and access to fishing on Carrowmore Lake.

Google Street View Owenmore Fiver near Bangor Erris

Google Street View Owenmore River near Bangor Erris. You can see that this a spate river, very tasty.

The river is a classic streamy water no wonder it is fly only. There are good runs of spring fish from March to May followed by big runs of grilse accompanied by good numbers of sea trout from June onwards. There is also a good back end run. Traditional flies, shrimp patterns in particular do well.

There are 36 holding pools and day and week tickets are available for visitors. The beats are let in two 8 hour sessions.

Carrowmore Lake is a 1,000 hectare lake, shallow ranging from 1 to 6 metres deep. Springers are taken on the Lake from early season to May and there is a good run of grilse and sea trout from June into July. There is also a good population of wild brown trout. Fishing is fly only however spinning is allowed from January to March. Fishing is from boats only.

Google Map 54.164160, -9.758905. I note at least three boat stations on the lough

Two excellent fishing opperunities. To book call the Fishery Manager on 097 83487.

The season extends from 1st Feb to 30th September.

Checked 25/07/19

Owenduff River

Rock House

Rock House owns entire length of the upper Owenduff, about 4 miles, and the whole of the Bellaveeny river. There are some spring fish on the Owenduff from March with good runs of grilse from May onwards . The river fishes best after a spate.

The Bellaveeny produces good sea trout to 5lbs.

Contact: Rock House, Ballycroy, Westport, Co Mayo, Ireland. Call +353 (0) 85 2121564.

Google Map Reference 53.969227, -9.837108


Stillwaters / Loughs

Burrishoole Fishery

Burrishoole Fishery is located about 3 miles from Newport. It consists of two loughs, Lough Feeagh and Furnace Lough and the Neck which connect Furnace Lough to the sea.

The fishery is run by The Marine Institute of Ireland who carry out research on the fishery. They also "ranch" salmon that are introduced into the river for sport fishing purposes.

Feeagh may be available for boat fishing 10am to 6pm (2 boats only) fly or dapping only, single barbless hooks. Call to enquire.

Furnace is just a stones throw from Feeagh and a short hop from the sea at Clew Bay and as such it is even influenced by the tides. Fishing is from boats only for salmon and grilse and also good runs of sea trout. Boats may bank fish at Mill Weir and Back Race, 1 hour only at each location with a bag limit of 1 shore caught fish per day. The season is short, 10th June to 30th September, but very good.

Google Street View Burrishoole Fishery

Google Street View The Neck at Burrishoole Fishery near Burrishoole Abbey

The Neck consists of 3 short beats for three rods fishing from high water to high water daily. You can fish for wild salmon on a catch and release basis until you have caught 2 ranched salmon then fishing must cease.

Permits from the fishery managers office, call 09842300.

Google Map

Checked 25/07/19

Carrowmore Lake

See Owenmore River, Bangor Erris Angling Club who have fishing on the Lake.

Checked 25/07/19

Lough Carra

Loch Carra lies just to the north of Lough Mask, a smaller water, but at 6 miles long and up to a mile wide it is still quite a specimen at 4,000 acres. A limestone lough of high fertility Carra is rated the best of the loughs in the area, so popular it is stocked on an annual basis by the fisheries board to keep the numbers up. Duck Flies from March, Sedges from May and fry in the summer all add to good grub for healthy growth.

Google Street View Lough Carra

Google Street View Lough Carra, over 4,000 acres you need a bigger boat for safety.

The water is gin clear and when fishing in shallow water over the white marl bottom it is possible to sight fish for trout which is an exciting prospect as there is a report of an 18lb fish taken once and of many double figure fish being present.

Google Satellite View Lough Carra

This Google Satellite View gives an indication of the clarity of the water on Lough Carra

Mayfly time is when the anglers have the best chance of a big fish and the hatch comes earlier on Carra, the last week of April to the end of the second week of May. Fly life and fly patterns are as for Corrib.

Just to whet your appetite the by laws governing fishing on Carra require that all fish uner 13 inches are returned and there is a daily bag limit of 4 fish only one of which trout can be over, wait for it:


One 10lb wild brown trout in a life time would do me!

Fish is free, no permit required - luck of the Irish or what? Boats are available for hire go to this link on Fishing in Ireland:

Boat Hire Lough Carra

Google Map Reference 53.684652, -9.232268

Checked 22/07/19

Lough Conn and Lough Cullin

Louch Conn is a large fishery some 9 miles long by 2 to 4 miles wide covering about 12,000 acres with many islands and bays. The lough holds a very good stocks of brown trout (average annual catch about 8 to 10,000 fish), estimated population is over 500,000 fish and it has a good run of salmon and grilse.

Best salmon fishing at the north end by the mouth of the river Deel and in the bays of the south west and west of the lough. The narrows at Pontoon Bridge where Lough Conn flows through narrows into Lough Cullin are also a hot spot, Google Ref 53.987875, -9.196851.

Google Street View Pontoon Bridge Lough Carra

Google Street View of Lough Conn at Pontoon Bridge

Spring fish start to arrive in March through to May when the grilse start to move from May to July. Brown trout fishing starts in March with the Duck Fly followed at the end of May early June by the Mayfly hatch.

Fishing is mostly with wet flies ( three fly casts) although dry fly is growing in popularity. Dapping is also very effective and locally this is often done with live Mayfly, daddies and grasshoppers.

There is no requirement for a permit, you do need a rod license for salmon and sea trout. Size limit is ten inches for brown trout and C & R is encouraged.

Boats and ghillies can be hired locally. Go to this link on Fishing in Ireland: Boat Hire Lough Conn

Google Map Reference 54.016900, -9.246484

Checked 22/07/19

Lough Beltra and Crumpaun River

Fishing on Beltra is split between Newport House (see above) and Glenisland Anglers Co-operative.

At 2.5 miles long and 1 mile wide it is a fair size and with 7 islands there are a number of likely locations to be explored. Ghillies are available for daily hire.

Fishing is fly only with single barbless hooks. Like the Newport river springers are in by the start of the season on 29th March followed by grilse from May onwards and bigger back end fish in September. Fly fishing with traditional flies such as Hairy Mary, shrimp patterns. Dapping is also effective.

There are 10 boats available, 5 each to Newport House and Glenisland Co-op. You can hire a boat for the Glenisland sector from Glenisland Post Office call 094 9021302.

Google Map 53.918596, -9.438987

Checked 21/07/19

Lough Mask

A near neighbour to Corrib, a limestone lough of high fertility which produced top notch baskets of trout averaging 1.25lb with fish over 3lbs not uncommon at all at all at all. Smaller than Corrib, Mask is never the less a big lough of 20,000 acres, 10 miles long and 4 miles wide. Mask offer the angler opportunities to fish from both bank and boat with the area around the mouth of the canal recommended for bank fishing with sedges and the bays on eastern shore with wet olives.

There are areas where boats can be launched for example:

Google Street View - Lough Mask

Jetty and boat slipway on Lough Mask Google Map Ref 53.674615, -9.342998

The tactics and flies used on Mask are very like those employed on Corrib with wet and dry flies doing well and dapping the Mayfly, daddies and grasshoppers in their season being both productive and exciting. Mask also hold a number of ferox up to the twenty pound mark and these are fished for by trolling the deeper waters around the islands in the middle of the lough.

The major angling centre is Ballinrobe although there are several other places and boats and ghillies are available for hire all round the lough. The loch is unkind to the foolhardy with many shallows and rocky reefs just under the surface waiting to break a boat. Even if you are launching your own boat it is advisable to hire a guide. The fishing is free.

There is an excellent and informative article by Ireland Fly Fishing worth a read if your are going. Go To;

Ireland Fly Fishing Lough Mask

Google Map Reference Ballinrobe, the major angling centre in the area 53.623987, -9.222230

Coarse Fishing

There is a lot of good coarse fishing in Mayo though it is over shadowed by the exceptional game fishing.

Fishing in Ireland have listed a number of options for coarse fishing and in particular pike fishing in Mayo. Go to:

Coarse Fishing in Mayo

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