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The Shannon

The river Shannon is one enormous fishery running through several counties, many loughs and an associated, extensive canal system.

Sourced from Shannon Pot the river flows 224 miles through Cavan, Leitrim, Longford, Westmeath, Rosscommon, Offaly, Gallway, Tiperary, Limerick and Clare forming the border between counties for much of it's length.

Google Satellite View Shannon Pots

Google Satelite View, That little spot is the soure of the Shannon. From little acorns....

The Shannon drains one fith of Ireland, 6,512 sqaure mile, passing through loughs Allen, Drumharlow, Corry, Tap, Boderg, Bofin, Forbes, Ree, and Derg. It is also linked to Dublin by the Grand Canal. There are also many canalised sections associated with the river Shannon.

Shannon is mentioned in all counties in Spinfish Where to Fish guide to fishing in Ireland but there is so much of it you really need many more references to get to grips with this famed river. Here are a few links well worth checking out:

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Midland Fisheries Group, Waters and Permits

Stillwaters / Loughs

Lough O Flynn, Shannon Fisheries Board

Located near Ballinlough Lough Flynn is a 300 acre limestone loch. Bank and boat fishing, fly and spinner. Pike fishing is allowed all year but no coarse fishing. Trout average about 1.5lbs, size limit 12" and max bag 6 fish. Fish to 3lb plus not uncommon especially when the Mayfly is on the go.

Midland Fishery Group permits required.

Google Map Reference 53.755124, -8.629354

Checked 06/08/19

Loch Ree

The second biggest lough on the Shannon river system lies on the border between Co Westmeath and Longford. Located near the town of Atlone. The loch is a limestone water which ensures this mixed fishery has the food species to grow fish.

The trout fishing has improved significantly based on the fact that the size limit for trout is minimum size, 36cm, about 14 inches.

Fly fishing is very effective with good hatches of flies although many anglers troll rapalas. Fly fishing is down in the shallows especiall at Inch More, Hare Island and Inch Turk.

Fishing on the lough does not require a license. There is good access to launch boats. At Lanesboro there is a slipway, jetty, fishing platforms and specially designed facilities for disabled anglers.

Google Map Reference Landboro 53.673571, -7.997417

Hares Island 53.473660, -7.934599

Inch More 53.507111, -7.936969

Inch Turk 53.520354, -7.937316

Checked 13/07/19

Mount Dalton Fishery, Shannon Fisheries Board

Permit, a 9 hectare fishery with brown trout fishing average weight 1.5lbs to 3lbs. Bank and boat, 2 boats for hire. Fishing only fly only. Limit 12 ", bag 6 fish. For boat hire call 044-9355241.

Google Map Reference 53.514899,-7.536646

Checked 06/07/19

Coarse Fishing

Lakelands Fishery

Located near New Roosky the fishery, rated as one of the best in Ireland, has 3 lakes and a stretch of the river Shannon. The Lakes are:

Mallard; carp to 40lbs plus with 30s not uncommon, also tench to 10+, bream to 13+, roach, rudd and roach / bream and rudd bream and perch.

Heron; carp to high teens with the same mix of coarse fish as Mallard.

Kingfisher; at just 13m wide with a central island is suits pole fishing well. The lake hold a variety of carp species to 3.5lbs.

River Shannon; a weir pool holding lots of bream, bream hybrids and roach. It also has good numbers of salmon and sea trout.

Call 00353 (0 ) 719638463 or mobile 00353 (0) 876178190

Google Satellite Lakelands Fishery

Google Satellite View Lakelands Fishery Centre left

Google Map Ref 53.823142, -7.928991 Post Code N41 RW25

Checked 14/07/19

Loch Ree

The second biggest lough on the Shannon river system lies on the border between Co Westmeath and Longford. Located jusy north of the town of Atlone the loch has good stocks of bream, pike, perch, roach and eels.

At the other end of the loch is Lanesboro where there are custom built facilites for disabled anglers. Excellent coarse fishing due to the warm wate outlfow from the Lanesboro Power Station.

Shannon Lanesboro

Google Street View Lanesboro

Google Map Reference 53.674056, -7.992111

Checked 13/07/19


The river Suck flows along the border between Galway and Roscommon. At 80 miles long it is a substantial river holding stocks of coarse fish and trout. The coarse fish include; pike, perch, beam, tench, roach and rudd. The pike fishing is particularly notable.

Google Street View River Suck at Donamon

Google Street View River Suck at Donamon

You will need a Midland Fisheries Group permit to fish on the Suck.

For a whole bunch of information on the River Suck try:

Fishing in Ireland River Suck

Checked 06/06/19

Strokestown Lakes

In the vinicty of Strokestown there are 14 loughs with some excellent coarse fishing many with very good facilities provided by Inland Fisheries all within easy driving distance. The Loughs are:

Lough na Blaithi (Lough Nablahy on Google Map)

A 600 acre lake holding good stocks of bream, roach and hybrids. At the north end there is some very good tench fishing too.

There is a 600 metre boardwalk on the southern shore northern bank that can accomodate 40 anglers with 4 pegs designated for anglers with disablilities.

Google Satelitte Lough na Blaithi broardwalk

Google Satalette Lough na Blaithi with the 600m boardwalk (white diagonal line along the shore) Google Map Ref for access 53.849180, -8.076247

At the north end the are 20 pegs Google Map Ref for access 53.851635, -8.068019

The lough also has some very good pike but it is recommended that you fish for them from a boat.

Cloonahee Lake

Cloonahee has some excellent bream, rudd, hybdirds and big pike. The is a boardwalk with 30 pegs 3 of which are designed for disabled anglers.

Google Map Ref 53.854628, -8.100751 This is the access point for the boardwalk fishing.

Annaghmore Lough

A 250 acre lough with specimen rudd to 3.86lbs. There are also some tench and perch, bank fishing but best from a boat.

Google Map Ref 53.802338, -8.154017

Lough no Blasbarnagh

A 200 acre lake holding good stocks of rudd, tench, bream perch and pike. Easy access off the road that passes along the north end

Google Map 53.793247, -8.148533

Lough Lea

Located just outside Strokestown this is a group of 6 small lakes that can merge into one in wet weather. It holds good rudd, tench and hybrids. There a 4 double pegs. No direct access to the water so ask around for permission to cross property.

Cloonfree and Finn Lough

Cloonfree and Finn Lough are adjacent to each other just outside Strokestown. Cloonfree has some good tench plus rudd, bream, and even a few wild brown trout. Finn Lough ha sspeciman tench and good rudd. There are 2 stands.

Can't dsee direct road access to ask locally for permission to cross land.

Google Map 53.763029, -8.144162

Grange Lough

A meandering kind of lake passing through a number of narrows northward until it joins with Lough Boderg on the river Shannon. There are a number of smal harbours and jettys so boats should be available for hire. I would try the Silver Eel Inn on the L 1405.

The lough has good stocks of bream, rudd and hybrids.

Google Map Ref 53.823595, -8.068367

Hillstreet Area

There is a group of lakes connected to each other right back to Lough na Blaithi. There are good bream, rudd aand hybrids. The loughs are Nachinda, Donneen Lough Clooncraft Lough.

This Google Map reference point indicates the area 53.866803, -8.080894

Kilglass Lake

Killglass holds good stocks of bream, rudd, roach, hybrids, with tench hanging out to the north end of the lough. There are some good pike in this lake too. There are stands giving access to deeper water.

Google Street View Lough Kilglass

Google Street View Lough Kilglass jetty.

The lough is connected to the Grange lough via the Carigeen Cut then to the Shannon

Google Map 53.807365, -8.031140

In addition to the above there 4 more loughs of note: Black Lough (bream, tench, rudd, roach,hybrids, Lough Incha, Lough Donra withe bream, rudd, tench (tench hang out at the north end), Little Grange.

Checked 06/08/19

Tulsk Angling Centre

The Tulsk Angling Centre in the north of the town of Roscommon has 19 loughs to chose from, go to Fishing in Ireland to get the information;

Fishing in Ireland Tulsk Angling Centre