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The Shannon

The river Shannon is one enormous fishery running through several counties, many loughs and an associated, extensive canal system.

Sourced from Shannon Pot the river flows 224 miles through Cavan, Leitrim, Longford, Westmeath, Rosscommon, Offaly, Gallway, Tiperary, Limerick and Clare forming the border between counties for much of it's length.

Google Satellite View Shannon Pots

Google Satelite View, That little spot is the soure of the Shannon. From little acorns....

The Shannon drains one fith of Ireland, 6,512 sqaure mile, passing through loughs Allen, Drumharlow, Corry, Tap, Boderg, Bofin, Forbes, Ree, and Derg. It is also linked to Dublin by the Grand Canal. There are also many canalised sections associated with the river Shannon.

Shannon is mentioned in all counties in Spinfish Where to Fish guide to fishing in Ireland but there is so much of it you really need many more references to get to grips with this famed river. Here are a few links well worth checking out:

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Rivers Game

The River Suir

The Suir the second longest river in Ireland at 114 miles with several tributaries worth exploring including the Tar, Nire, Annagh, Aherlow, Multeen and Clodiagh. A big river, getting to 100 plus feet wide in places, it is a challenging water that needs wading, luckily the gravel bottom makes wading fairly comfortable but the use of wading staff is strongly recommended.

The Suir runs over limestone so, like the famed Hampshire rivers, it holds good stocks of trout in the half to three quarters of a pound range with much bigger fish quite common. There is a famed Mayfly hatch between Camus Bridge and Golden. A study of the trout population found that there was 1 adult trout in every 5 cubic metres of water and 3,000 fish to 12 cm in every hectare. This is testament to the quantity of food available in the river and with no coarse fish it is all for the salmonids.

There are also salmon, the Suir still hold the Irish record at 57lb dating back to 1874. Salmon fishing is on the up on the Suir and it still remains the go to river for big fish. There are some spring fish but it is in June and July that the fishing picks up with the arrival of the grilse which peaks in August to September with the arrival of big runs of grilse and some of those famed biggies. The best of the salmon fishing is in the lower beats especially around Clonmel

The Suir is currently a Catch and Release water (2019)

Cahir and District Angling Association

Cahir DAA have 12 miles of water on the Suir and Aherlow rivers.

The Suir fishing starts at Suirville downstream to Ballycannon Bridge. 0.75 miles rated as very good trout water.

Google Screen Shot river Suir

Google Street View, River Suir, Suirville

The next stretch is from the concrete style below Ballycannon Bridge downstream for 2.5 miles.

Draganbeg to the nettings is next down to the meetings of the Suir and Atherlow.

Fishing on the Aherlow is from Killdriffe Bridge upstream on the left bank and downstream from Cappagh Bridge to the junction. Google ref meetings 52.404823, -7.945823

Cahir Park and Swiss Cottage is the very best water with 6 stands, 3 on either bank for wheelchair users. The Club water here recieved the acclode of Regional Centre for Excellence for Brown Trout Fishing here.

Google Screen Shot river Suir at Swiss Cottage

Google Street View , Swiss Cottage, river Suir.

The Cahir Park beats follow Ballybrada and Finall Carrigatha.

Day and week tickets available for trout and for salmon (salmon are C & R at present) from the Heritage Shop in the Square in Cahir, call 052 7442730

All in all a lot of first class wild brout trout water.

Checked 16/06/19

Cashel, Golden and Tipperary Angling Association

The club has extensive fishing for wild brown trout on the Suir from Camus Bridge to Suir Castle where they share a beat with Cahir DAA. They also have fishing on the Multeen. No information on day tickets but local tackle shops will help no doubt.

Checked 17/06/19

Clonanav Fly Fishing

Clonanav Fly Fishing have 8 miles of fishing for salmon at various places on the river Suir. Fish to 15lbs+ are not uncommon. Besy from May to September. Call 353526136765

Checked 17/06/19

Free Fishing

There is a stretch of water betwen the two bridges in Clonmel that is free to fish. Also on the left bank from Miloko to a point in the town of Carrick on Suir.

Suir Valley Fishery

Suir Valley fishery based in Clonmel has 5 private beats on the Suir spread over 15km of the lower reaches of the river. They limit the numbers of rods let at any one time to ensure there is plenty of room to fish undisturbed. Fish run in the three quarters to 2lb range with the fishery record being 7.5lbs.

Call 353 5261 32497 or 353 86 817 6055.

Checked 17/06/19

Templemore District Anglers

Templemore DA have a stretch of the river Suir from the head waters to Rossestown Bridge.Some very good brown trout fishing.

In addition they have coarse fishing on the lake in Templemore Town Park where there are good stocks of bream, rudd, pike, tench and hybrids.

Day tickets available from the club secretary call 083 0483189

Checked 16/06/19

Thurles Suir and Drish Angling Club

This club has the water below the Rossestown Bridge to Holycross and the river Drish from the mettings up to Athloman.

Suir Drish Meetings Google Map Google Map 52.665306, -7.803542

Google Screen Shot Suir at Holycross

Google Street View, River Suir Holycross

Quite an extensive bit of water with wild brown trout to 3lbs caught on the club waters on the Drish (Google Map 52.685898, -7.739567 Athloman)

Google Map 52.665306, -7.803542

Google Screen Shot Rossestown Bridge

Google Street View River Suir Rossestown Bridge

Google Map Reference 52.797096, -7.838824 Town Lake

For more detailed information try this link to Fishing in Ireland:

Fishing in Ireland, the river Suir

Checked 17/08/19

Stillwaters / Loughs

At 13,000 hectares this is a very daunting prospect to fish. Best known for it excellent coarse fishing with monster pike (there is a tale of a 92lb pike being caught) and great bream, tench, roach and perch the loch does hold good stocks of brown trout and a species of trout called croneen that are unique to Derg.

The current by-law bans taking any trout less than 36cm. The lough has afantastic Mayfly hatch. They fish the Green Fly on a 6lb tippet!

Fishing for trout on the lough is free, however it is such a big lough you really need to explore it in a boat with an outboard (and a spare can of petrol, the lough is 15km wide in places and 30km long)

For information on guides and boats got to Fishing In Ireland:

Fishing in Ireland Lough Derg

North Tipperary Angling Centre

Located at Kellea House near Ballinderry the centre has fishing on a 17 acre lake stocked with rainbows and brown trout. There are also some native pike and perch. The fishing includes a 600 yard stretch of the Ballyfinboy.

Boats and bank including stands to fish from that might be suitable for some anglers with disabilities. Fly only but float fishing the worm is allowed on the river.

Call 353 87 2756775

Google Map Ref 53.006108, -8.211528

Checked 18/06/19

Coarse Fishing

See Lough Derg Above