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Blackwater River

The Blackwater has a justifiable reputation for being one the best salmon fishing rivers in Ireland and one of the top in Europe with catch statistics of 6000 - 8000 rod caught salmon per year.

Google Street View the river Blackwater at Lismore Castle

Google Street View the Blackwater at Lismore Castle, thats nice!

The river has fish running throughout the year with spingers in the 8 to 20lb range coming in from February to April, grilse arriving from April to July, the early fish being bigger, in the 5 to 7lb range, while later fish are in the 2 to 4lb range.

Summer fish arrive over a 3 week period late May into June and are in the 10 to 15lb range. By far the biggest runs arrive at the end of the season, through August to September, with as much as half of the seasons total catch being landed at this time.

The river rises in the Mountains of East Kerry passing through County Cork and Waterford arriving at the sea at Youghal. The Blackwater has a large tidal stretch, 20 miles infact, from Youghal to Lismore.

Fish running the river are unhindered until they get to Careysville Weir with a second weir further upstream at Fermoy. With a bit of water and /or higher temperatures the weirs do not hold fish up too much but it does make the fishing below Careysville most desireable.

Blackwater Salmon Fisheries

Blackwater Salmon Fisheries have 5 beats, 3 below Careysville Weir and 2 above. They are: Upper and Lower Kilmurry, Kents, Woodstream and Ballyhooly Bridge. About 5 miles in total.

Glenda Powell Guiding is based on Upper Kilmory. Follow her reports on Spinfish at:

Glenda Powell Guiding Blackwater

Contact Blackwater Salmon Fishery on +353 (0) 872351260 on the land line or +353 (0) 5853929 on the mobile. Based in West Street in Lismore.

Google Map 52.149895, -8.219626 Careysville Weir

Checked 18/05/19

Ballyduff Bridge Salmon Fishing

The fishery has 7 beats offering a good variety of types of water some more suited to fly fishing while others would suit spinning better but some good fly fishing towards the tails of the pools.

The beats are spread over a 30 mile length of the river between 60 and 30 k for the estuary at Youghal.

Google Street View Ballyduff Bridge Blackwater

Google Street View Ballyduff Bridge on the Blackwater

The beats are:

Ballyduff Bridge beat 1, a good fly beat; Ballyduff beat 2, slower water suited to spinning; Cable Island beat 1, fly fishing double bank, best on the north side; Cable Island beat 2, fly spin; Ballincurrig, some excellent salmon holding fly water; Blackstone, generally spinning; Magners, a short beat with a good fly run; Ballygarret, a good all rounder with a mix of fly and spinning water.

They have a tackle shop on site and can offer tackle hire and off course guiding and tuition.

Call 353 877205690

Google Map 52.144354, -8.052170 Post Code P51 X2V1

Checked 18/05/19

Ballyvolane House

Ballyvolane House has 6 beats on the Blackwater stretched over 40 miles from Killavullen down stream to Ballyduff. The beats are: Killavullen, Ballyhooly, Carrigacunna, Kilbarry and Ballyduff

Fly and spinning allowed. Beats are rotated daily to prevent crowding and to give everyone a fair chance at the best spots.

In addition they also have 3 stocked trout lakes in the hotel grounds and access to wild trout fishing on the river Bride nearby.

Contact: Ballyvolane House, Castlelyons, Near Fermoy, Co. Cork, Ireland. Tel: +353 25 36349.

Google Map Reference 52.056077, -8.186857 Post Code P61 FP70

Checked 18/05/19

Cappoquin Salmon and Trout Anglers Association

Cappoquin STAA have 4 miles of double bank fishing on the upper reaches of the tidal waters of the Blackwater.

The picture below is a Google Street View from a road below Cappoquin. The tidal state appears to be a bit before or after hightide so the pools are not evident.

There are infact 9 pools suited to fly fishing and a further 7 that come into play from 1st June when worm, spinning and shrimp is allowed.

Google Street View Cappoquin STAA water on The Blackwater

Google Street View Blackwater at Cappoquin STAA water

The club also has a wheelie boat available for use by disabled anglers, call +353 (0) 5852302

Google Map 52.148708, -7.854738

Checked 13/08/19

Careysville Fishery

Careysville Fishery consists of 1.75k of double bank fishing on excellent fly water with good wading. 26 named pools fishing from bank and boat. A premium bit of water down stream of the Careysville Weir.

Call on land line, +353 (0) 25 31094 or mobile +353 (0) 86 2378788

Google Screen Satellite Shot Blackwater Careyville Weir

Google Satellite Careyville Weir, you can just see the potential of that pool, oozing!

Google Map 52.147388, -8.212798 Post Code P61 VF53

Checked 18/05/19

Fortwilliams Fishery

Fortwilliams Fishery near Lismore is 3.5 miles long with double bank 5 beats. The Beat includes Lismore Castle (see the pic at the top of the page).

The entire beat is very well manged, has good access, great pools and runs, fish, ghillies, tuition. What more do you want, hmm, a fish on the bank highly possibe.

Day Tickets available prices vary according to the month with September being the highest but compared with Tweed it is a bargain. Fishing fly or spinner.

To book call +353 58 75299 or mobile +353 878292077.

Google Map 52.141361, -7.930870

Checked 13/08/19

Colligan River

A short river the Colligan rushes from the hills above Colligan Falls slowing to create some nice fishing water as it crosses the coastal farmlands.

Google Street View River Colligan

Goolge Street View Colligan River with the hills in the background

The Colligan is a spate river which gets good runs of grilse through June and July with a back end run of salmon.

The sea trout fishing at night especially can be very good with occasion fish to double figures recorded, best May to July.

Fishing is generally fly only. The river is C & R for salmon and C & R for sea trout under 40cm. Single fly only no worming.

Colligan and District Angling Club have the fishing, try +353 (0) 35823157.

Google Map 52.103793, -7.638296 the estuary above Dungarvan.

Checked 19/08/19

The Nire

The upper reaches of the Nire are in Waterford, lovely trout water with some very good fish. Good dry fly and nymphing water.

Google Street View River Nire

Google Street View river Nire

See the entry below for Glenahiry Lake, Clonanav Fly Fishing have some water to available for permits.

The Nire is a tributary of the Suir which is C & R for salmon and seatrout under 40cm.

Checked 19/08/19

The River Mahon

The Mahon looks tidy but cannot find any details, can anyone help?

It is closed for salmon fishing at present.

Checked 19/08/19

The River Suir

The Suir the second longest river in Ireland at 114 miles with several tributaries worth exploring including the Tar, Nire, Annagh, Aherlow, Multeen and Clodiagh. A big river, getting to 100 plus feet wide in places, it is a challenging water that needs wading, luckily the gravel bottom makes wading fairly comfortable but the use of wading staff is strongly recommended.

The Suir runs over limestone so, like the famed Hampshire rivers, it holds good stocks of trout in the half to three quarters of a pound range with much bigger fish quite common. There is a famed Mayfly hatch between Camus Bridge and Golden. A study of the trout population found that there was 1 adult trout in every 5 cubic metres of water and 3,000 fish to 12 cm in every hectare. This is testament to the quantity of food available in the river and with no coarse fish it is all for the salmonids.

There are also salmon, the Suir still hold the Irish record at 57lb dating back to 1874. Salmon fishing is on the up on the Suir and it still remains the go to river for big fish. There are some spring fish but it is in June and July that the fishing picks up with the arrival of the grilse which peaks in August to September with the arrival of big runs of grilse and some of those famed biggies. The best of the salmon fishing is in the lower beats especially around Clonmel

The Suir is currently a Catch and Release water (2019)

Cahir and District Angling Association

Cahir DAA have 12 miles of water on the Suir and Aherlow rivers.

The Suir fishing starts at Suirville downstream to Ballycannon Bridge. 0.75 miles rated as very good trout water.

Google Screen Shot river Suir

Google Street View, River Suir, Suirville

The next stretch is from the concrete style below Ballycannon Bridge downstream for 2.5 miles.

Draganbeg to the nettings is next down to the meetings of the Suir and Atherlow.

Fishing on the Aherlow is from Killdriffe Bridge upstream on the left bank and downstream from Cappagh Bridge to the junction. Google ref meetings 52.404823, -7.945823

Cahir Park and Swiss Cottage is the very best water with 6 stands, 3 on either bank for wheelchair users. The Club water here recieved the acollade of Regional Centre for Excellence for Brown Trout Fishing here.

Google Screen Shot river Suir at Swiss Cottage

Google Street View , Swiss Cottage, river Suir.

The Cahir Park beats follow Ballybrada and Finall Carrigatha.

Day and week tickets available for trout and for salmon (salmon are C & R at present) from the Heritage Shop in the Square in Cahir, call 052 7442730

All in all a lot of first class wild brout trout water.

Checked 16/06/19

Cashel, Golden and Tipperary Angling Association

The club has extensive fishing for wild brown trout on the Suir from Camus Bridge to Suir Castle where they share a beat with Cahir DAA. They also have fishing on the Multeen. No information on day tickets but local tackle shops will help no doubt.

Checked 17/06/19

Clonanav Fly Fishing

Clonanav Fly Fishing have 8 miles of fishing for salmon at various places on the river Suir. Fish to 15lbs+ are not uncommon. Besy from May to September. Call 353526136765

Checked 17/06/19

Free Fishing

There is a stretch of water betwen the two bridges in Clonmel that is free to fish. Also on the left bank from Miloko to a point in the town of Carrick on Suir.

Suir Valley Fishery

Suir Valley fishery based in Clonmel has 5 private beats on the Suir spread over 15km of the lower reaches of the river. They limit the numbers of rods let at any one time to ensure there is plenty of room to fish undisturbed. Fish run in the three quarters to 2lb range with the fishery record being 7.5lbs.

Call 353 5261 32497 or 353 86 817 6055.

Checked 17/06/19

Templemore District Anglers

Templemore DA have a stretch of the river Suir from the head waters to Rossestown Bridge.Some very good brown trout fishing.

In addition they have coarse fishing on the lake in Templemore Town Park where there are good stocks of bream, rudd, pike, tench and hybrids.

Day tickets available from the club secretary call 083 0483189

Checked 16/06/19

Thurles Suir and Drish Angling Club

This club has the water below the Rossestown Bridge to Holycross and the river Drish from the mettings up to Athloman.

Suir Drish Meetings Google Map Google Map 52.665306, -7.803542

Google Screen Shot Suir at Holycross

Google Street View, River Suir Holycross

Quite an extensive bit of water with wild brown trout to 3lbs caught on the club waters on the Drish (Google Map 52.685898, -7.739567 Athloman)

Google Map 52.665306, -7.803542

Google Screen Shot Rossestown Bridge

Google Street View River Suir Rossestown Bridge

Google Map Reference 52.797096, -7.838824 Town Lake

For more detailed information try this link to Fishing in Ireland:

Fishing in Ireland, the river Suir

Checked 17/08/19

Stillwaters / Loughs

Glenhirry Lake

Located near Ballymacarby the lake is stocked with rainbow and brown trout. Fly and spinning allowed. Permits from Clonanav Farmhouse in Ballymacarby. Call +353 52 6133765.

There is a lake at 52.276319, -7.729464 but no information given

Clonanav Farm House Google Map 52.281029, -7.737353

Checked 19/08/19

Waterford City and County Trout Anglers Association

The Association has the fishing on two reservoirs stocked with quality rainbows and brown trout:

Knockaderry, 30 acres, 8 to 10 ft deep. Excellent fly life. Boat and bank fishing allowed.

Google Satellite Knochaderry reservoir

Google Satellite View, Knockaderry Reservoir showing the jetty.

Carrigavantry, 2 lakes totalling 80 acres up to 26ft deep but averrging 6ft. Excellent aquatic fauna including lots of caddis and snails ie good grub for big trout. Boat fishing only here. There is also a wheeliboat on this water call 051 384721 to book. Google Map Ref 52.172216, -7.195796

Some stonkingly good looking fish, 2 fish limit, 12 inches minimum.

Membership open. Day tickets available with a good reduction for under 18s accompanied by an adult. Permits from the Centra in Kilmeaden Village nearby, call 051 384721.

Google Map Centra in Kilmeaden 52.232953, -7.241925

Checked 13/08/19

Coarse Fishing

Waterford and Distict Coarse Angling Club

Founded in 2000 to promote recreational fishing the club has fishing on 3 great venues; Ballyshoonock Res (See Below)

River Barrow, St Mullins, a tidal stretch with a wide range of species including - bream, dace, roach, hybrids, perch, pike, trout and shad.

River Blackwater, Cappaquin, an other stretch in the upper limit of the tidal waters with bream, tench and rudd.

The club has an active match scene and promotes youths and disabled angling.

Day and season tickets available (season is inexpensive) with a very good discount for juniors.

Permits from:

 Waterford Angling and Outdoor Centre, Westgate Retail Park, Tramore Rd, Waterford

Baumanns, 6 St Mary St, Dungarvan.

Titelines Main St, Cappaquin.

Lenihans Shop Newton  (Kilmacthomas).

Centra Kilmeaden Co Waterford.

Ballyshunnock Reservoir

Ballyshunnock Reservoir fishery is run by Waterford and Dist Coarse Angling Club. The waters have a stock of rudd which has been enhanced by adding bream and tench in addition to the rainbow and brown trout stock.

Google Street View ballyshunnock Reservoir

Google Street View, Ballyshunnock Res with the levelled area to the right behind the ind the fir tree.

The reservoir is divided into 2 by a road. There is access for disabled anglers from one end of this road but it looks like a key would be required to get you down to a stretck of bank that has been levelled.

Google Map ref 52.236463, -7.339383

Permits from the Centra Store in Kilmeaden, call +353 51 384721

Google ref 52.232979, -7.241943

Checked 20/08/19