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Canals Trust

The Canals Trust have over 2,000 miles of waterway to look after for the many interest groups who use them. With so much water it is no wonder that fishing is high on the list of activities.

The Trust issues a Waterway Wanderers Permit that entitles you to fish on an impressive amount of water throughout England and Wales (for just £20).

For information on how to apply for a permit Goto Waterway Wanderers Permit Application for a list of waters covered by the permit Goto Canal Trust Waterway Wanderers Permit Waters

Game Fishing - Pysgota Gem | Coarse Fishing - Pysgota Bras | Angling Club - Pysgota Clwb  

Game Fishing - Psygota Gem

Afon / River | Llyn / Lake | Trout Fisheries / Pysgodfeydd Brithyllod

Afon / River

Monnow Valley Fishery

1 mile of the Monnow with game and coarse fishing for trout, grayling some salmon and chub. Salmon have been rertuning since 2008. Good dry fly fishing for the excellent Monnow trout in May and June.

3 game and 3 coarse tickets daily, book through the Wye and Usk Foundation web site.

Google Map 51.831329, -2.757145 Approx Post Code NP25 5QE

Checked 26/04/19

Monnow, Trothy, and Wye

Coarse fishing, trout and grayling see Monmouth Dist AA below.


Spinfish could not do the range of fishing justice here, there is so much on offer but The Fishing Passport has it all. For details of 23 salmon beats and 17 wild trout water go to:

Fishing Passport Usk Beats

Checked 26/04/19

Pant y Goitre

Located near Abergaveny the fishery offers salmon and brown trout fishing on the Usk.

Prebook by calling 01873 840173 or you can buy at the house. Salmon or trout only tickets available.

Google Map 51.772294, -2.946776 Post Code NP7 9BB

Checked 15/04/19


Fishing Passport

For information and booking on many beats and tributaries of the Wye go to Fishing Passport Wye Beats

Upper Wye - 14 salmon and trout water and 11 wild stream

Monnow - 3 salmon and trout water and 16 wild streams

Irfon and Ithon - 7 salmon and trout waters and 7 wild streams

Middle Wye - 26 salmon, trout and coarse waters

Lower Wye - 12 beats for salmon and trout.

Bit of a choice to keep you busy.

Checked 26/04/19

Llyn / Lake

Llandegfedd Reservoir

Boat and bank fishing for rainbow trout and brown trout (stocked and wild). Fly fishing all over the lake however they also allow ledgered worm fishing on the east bank.

The reservoir also contains good stocks of coarse fish including bream, roach, dace eels and pike. Fishing allowed all year for coarse fish (except for pike which is allowed 2 days a week between March and October). Llandegfedd is where the UK record pike came from, 46lbs 13ozs

There is a wheelyboat available. Call 01633 373408. Toilets and other facilities at the Visitor Centre which has a shop.

Google Map Reference 51.691083, -2.970305 Post Code NP4 0SY

Checked 15/04/19

Trout Fisheries / Psygodfeydd Brithyllod

Bigwells Fly Fishery

An attractive fishery near Redbrook where you can fish for wild brown trout (C & R only) and for stocked rainbows, blues and tigers. There are fish in the 5 to 12lb range all catch and release.

Options for tickets are Catch and Kill, 1 fish then pay per fish taken; Catch and Release 10 fish limit or a combined catch and kill and catch and release.

The Fishery has a lodge serving hot and cold food and drink. Comlimentary tea and coffee. There is tackle on sale.

The fishery is accessible to disabled anglers and has a toilet with facilities for disabled persons.

Google Map 51.783808, -2.667398 Post Code NP25 4NB

Checked 20/04/19

Fair Oak Fishery

An attractive clear water, spring fed fishery in Arvans near Chepstow. There are to large lakes and a small pool stocked with rainbows and brown trout.

The fishery is season tickets only with Full, Weekdays and Weekend options. Call 01291 689711

Checked 26/04/19

Ravensnest Trout Fishery

The fishery located in woodland near Tintern is actually part of the river Angiddy with weirs separating it into three fishing pools covering 7 acres. These weirs act as waterfalls oxygenating the water and acting as a magnet to fish. It's only the second fishery I have found that has water flowing through it and if fish hang about for a while they will be fitter rather than fatter which is great sport.

Stocked weekly with rainbows, blues and tigers the fishery also has good stocks of brown trout to about 4lbs.

The Pump House has all the facilities you might want with a free cuppa available but you can also buy other hot and cold drinks and food. They may even be licensed now. There is also a tackle shop in the pump house. Open 7 days a week from 7.30 am to 9.30 pm they offer catch and keep and catch and release tickets and an "After Work" evening ticket. For a quid you can, if lucky, catch a tag fish and win the kitty.

Call 01291 689564

Google Map 51.696394, -2.719538 Post NP16 6TP

Checked 15/04/19

Coarse Fishing - Psygota Bras

Grange Springs Fishing Lakes

The fishery has 2 lakes one a mixed coarse fishery while the other is a specimen carp lake with fish to 30lbs plus.

There is a lodge on site with kitchen, toilets and showers.

Call 07969 460850

Google Map 51.713312, -2.734440 Post Code NP16 6QN

Checked 15/04/119

Goytre Wharf

Fishing on the Monmouthshire and Brecon canal between bridges 73 and 77, Llanover near Abergeveny. Day and season tickets available from the Visitor Centre reception.

The canal has ample parking near the water and is easily accessible for wheelchair users. There is one platform for wheelchair users near the centre. Facilities include a cafe on site with a kids play area.

Google Map 51.752017, -2.996572 Post Code NP7 9EW

Checked 26/04/19

Mathern Mill Fishery

In Mathern near Chepstow, 2 lakes one with carp, lots of doubles with some going to 20lbs, the other lake with tench, chub, rudd and bream. You can get your car to the swims.

Call 07801 513943

Google Map 51.619138, -2.697429 Post Code NP16 6JP

Checked 26/04/19

Pen y Clawdd

3 lakes to about 4 acres in an attractive setting near Dingestow offering coarse fishing for carp, bream, some real chubby tench, barbel and roach.

Call 01600 740223

Google Map 51.770398, -2.814257 Post Code NP25 4BG

Checked 26/04/19

Redhill Fishery

Located near Monmouth Redhill Fishery has 5 lakes for pleasure and match fishing:

Penny's 40 pegs 2 to 14ft deep. Common carp, F1s, tench, roach, rudd, barbel, chub, bream, golden tench. Favoured by pole anglers.

Sophies, 21 pegs with mirror and common carp to doubles, tench, roach, rudd.

Molly's and Micky's 13 pegs each, both have carp to 7lbs and good tench.

Tilly's 30 pegs, 4 to 14ft deep with carp to 20lb plus, tench, roach, rudd, bream and chub.

Call 07816 854301

Google Map 51.800466, -2.743151 Post Code NP25 4DQ

Checked 29/04/19

Trefaldu Fishery

The fishery near Dingestow consists of 4 spring fed lakes :

Willow Lake is 1.25 acres with 1 island stocked with carp to 28lbs, tench, roach and rudd.

Kinfishery is .75 acres, 20 pegs, carp to 25lbs, good tench

Holly Ponds have a combined 25 pegs.

Night fishing is allowed but for a minimum of 2 anglers. Site open 5.30am to 8.30pm. 24 hour CCTV on site.

Some pegs are suitable for use by disabled anglers.

There is a snack bar on site, bait for sale, toilets and a washroom.

Call 01600 740236 or 07766 583813

Google Map 51.775932, -2.780497 Post Code NP25 4BQ

Checked 18/04/19

Angling Club Pysgota Clwb

Monmouth and District Angling Society

Fishing on 3 rivers and lakes. The rivers are:

Lower Wye, Dukes Beat, from the road bridge down to the junction with the Trothy fishing for barbel, chub and grayling outwith the salmon season only.

Upper Wye, 1k alongside the Hadnock road, chub and barbel.

River Monnow, 3m for trout, grayling, chub, dace, perch and roach.

River Trothy, 5 m fly and worm for wild brown trout.

Treowen Lake, 3 pools with mixed coarse fish. Google Map 51.795415, -2.778066 Post Code NP25 4DL

Trippenkennet Lake, 8 miles from Monmouth in Hereford. MDAS have an ageement for members to fish here, there are2 lakes:

Willow, 3 acres, common and mirror carp to 10lbs plus crucians, tench, bream, roach. The fishery has good access for wheelchair users and is set up to support people with special needs.

Oak Lake has mirror and common carp to 20lbs plus crucians. Google Map 51.898275, -2.726594 Post Code HR2 8LZ

Membership is inexpensive with concessions for over 64s, juniors, disabled. There is a family membership also. Membership from Wye Angling, Unit 5, Croft Court in Ross. Day tickets for Handyman House in Monnow St, Monmouth .

Google Map 51.795415, -2.778066 Post Code Handymans House.

Checked 26/04/19