Wild Brown Trout Reservoirs

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A trio of Loganlea rainbows, fin perfect

For any society clean drinking water is an essential and while I prefer my drinking fluid to be 70 proof and malt I have to say that the spin off from the need for drinking water has become yet an other anglers pleasure.

Fishing on our many reservoirs offers great sport especially where the reservoir was built on good agricultural land where the fertility of the soil has ensured high water quality promoting abundant aquatic life and plump fit trout. Cameron Reservoir in Fife comes to mind. I fished Cameron many times in the seventies and early 80s and remember well the evening rise of hungry and often big trout slurping down the buzzers and sedges.

Today many reservoirs have been 'franchised out' and offer the best of both worlds - fishing in natural surroundings for fishery sized stocked rainbow trout, Frandy and Loganlea immediately come to mind. Where ever there is a feeder burn the brownies will reproduce and many fisheries can offer fishing for rainbows, stocked browns and wild browns. I have a soft spot for the places that keep to the traditions and only stock brown trout which then have to grow on. It adds spice to the day not knowing what will come along. For some reason a two pound wild brownie gets my pulse rate up much more than it would be sight fishing for a really big rainbow. I am sure you will find places to fish in the Where to Fish Directory that will suit your sporting tastes, tight lines.