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By Leslie, situated in the Lomond Hills, bank and boat fishing. excellent fly fishing on this 176 acre water. Permits from the bailiffs hut, call
07521 060362.

Google Map Reference 56.230845, -3.251861

Checked 11/09.18

Cameron Reservoir

Established in 1898 this club has the fishing on Cameron Reservoir 4 miles from St Andrews on the A915. I have fished this loch both from bank and boat many times. I found it to be a most tranquil and natural water despite the fact that it is a former reservoir with a dam at both ends.

The loch is about 3/4 of a mile long and 250 yards wide at maximum. A shallow loch, no more than 12 feet deep, it has extensive weed beds and a fine gravel bottom providing a terrific habitat for fly life, shrimp and snails, a feast for fish which explains why the trout are are fit, plump and hard fighting.

The loch was brown trout only but I note that it is stocked with rainbows these days with browns to 1lb and rainbows to 2lb. The feeding is so good the growth rate is excellent and fish to 6 to 8lbs are taken every season, feral over wintered fish.

Fishiung is by bank and boat with 25 permits for bank and 4 boats. Please book in advance for bank and boat. You can bring your own electric motor, do watch out for those weed beds, they are hard enough to row through.

Cameron is a water where natural imitations will do you very well and it just feels right to do so.

Fishing lures on Cameron would be like spinning on the Test. It's just the feel of the place from the cosy brick built fishing bothy with its coal fire and rods on the wall (I hope it hasn't changed) to the feel of the place of an evening when the trout are on the feed.

Call 01334 477488 for permits.

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Checked 04/07/18

Clatto Reservoir

1 boat and bank fishing for brown trout on this 25 acre water, tickets from the Watermans House, call 01334 652595.

Google Map Reference 56.499014, -3.028155


Craigluskar Reservoir

Run by Dunfermline Artisan AC, Craigluskar consists of 2 lochs situated just outside Dunfermline. One loch is fly only stocked with rainbows of about 2lb and from time to time with bigger fish as well as blues, tiger and brown trout. The other loch is a bait water stocked the same as the fly only loch. Permits from the bailiffs hut at the loch. Call 01838 732891 Google Map Reference 56.096971, -3.503495

Glenquay Reservoir

Devon (river Devon) AC have the fishing rights on Glenquay which is located in Glen Devon high in the Ochils. Take a left on the A 823 oppostie Castlehill Reservoir and head into the hills for about 3/4 mile.

A decent sized loch at 41 acres it is quite shallow with very clear water. Fishing is for brown trout averaging about 3/4lb. Free risng fish make it a good top of the water loch especially on a summers evening. Traditional flies, naturals work very well, Wickham, Cinnamon and gold (good hatches of sedges) Kate McClaren, Peter Ross, Bibio and Hoppers.

Ticket prices are very reasonable for a 4 fish ticket. Permits from The Paper Shop in Dollar, Muchart Inn and Monas of Muchart. Google Map Reference 56.208015, -3.642674

Loch Glow Reservoir

Run by Rosyth CSSA Angling ClublLoch Glow is located in the Cliesh Hills near Kelty. A former reservoir the loch is quite shallow and easily fished from the bank. There are wild brown trout and the loch is stocked with rainbows. Any legal method allowed, fly, bait and spinning. Permits available for visitors on site, including a family permit adult plus 2 children, from the bailiff. Boats are avialable. Call 07803839737. Google Map Reference 56.145590, -3.459472

Lochmill Reservoir

A challenging fishery with the charm of olden days. 4 boats fishing for brown trout. Contact Betty Bryans, Albert Bar, Newburgh, 01337 842397. Google Map Reference 56.338007, -3.258519

Stenhouse Reservoir

Near Burntisland, fishing for brown trout to 5lbs (av 1.5 to 2lbs) on this 35 acre water, 8 boats and bank fishing. Permits from Dunearn Farm Office by the reservoir, call 01592 874624. Google Map Reference 56.075455, -3.271184

Upper Carriston Fly Fishery

Located near Star, Markinch, Upper Carriston is operating as a trout fishery. Stocked with rainbows, blues and holding good stocks of wild brown trout fishing from bank and 12 boats and a good lodge. A very fertile loch, good buzzers, the fish grow on well with rumours of stonking brownies.

You can get an annual C and R ticket. Call 07368 605978. 

Google Map Reference 56.220320, -3.087456 Post Code KY7 6LH

Checked 08/09/18