The A to Z of Where to Fish For Wild Brown Trout in Scotland

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The boat station at Faskally

In Scotland our many lochs offer fishing, scenery and history all in one. There are places like Loch Leven with its island castle which was prison to Mary Queen of Scots and off course there is Loch Ness where you might just find yourself attached to something bigger than you bargained for in its monstrous deeps.

The lochs vary in size and most importantly in ph. Lowland lochs are generally alkaline to neutral while the Highland lochs tend to be acidic to neutral a factor that has a bearing on the size of fish with the acidic waters producing many smaller fish.

Off course not all Highland lochs are acidic. In the far north around Caithness and Durness you will find places where geological events have brought massive folds of limestone to the surface producing alkaline lochs of high water quality producing exceptional trout. Then there is awesome Loch Awe with its British Record trout of over 31lbs 12ozs (39 inches long, girth 25.5 inches and the tail measured 11 inches caught on the 15th of March 2002), whew! Not a stockie hand raised but a real fish that lived all of its life in the loch eating and growing and you know something - its still there because its captor, Brian Rutland put it back. The previous record, caught by Ken Oliver, of 30lbs 8ozs stood for less than 2 years.

Our rivers are just as special, the Clyde, the Don, the Deveron, Spey, Tay, Tweed and Tummel can be amazing but there are so many rivers and streams, nearly all of which have trout, that can give you a surprising and fun packed day.

Reservoirs we have aplenty, having been created by damming a stream or by enlarging an exising loch many have indigenous stocks of wild trout in naturalised settings.

You will find so much to explore in the Where to Fish Directory. Places where you will enjoy the fishing as much as I have whether catching 3 wee ones to a cast or hunting all day for one quality fish.