Where to Fish for Coarse Fish in Scotland

Where to Fish for Coarse Fish in Scotland

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We have been spoiled for fishing in Scotland for so long with fantastic salmon, trout and sea trout fishing just about everywhere. Consequently we have little regard for coarse fish which is a pity as there are some fantastic opportunities available not least of which are the widely distributed populations of perch and monster pike. In addition to the predator species however there are many other species of course fish living a relatively undisturbed existence especially in the borders and central Scotland. The list includes barbel on the lower Clyde and bream in many locations in the Borders and Central Scotland with the record fish of 11lb 4oz taken from Castle Loch, Lochmaben. The Scottish carp record stands at a respectable 26lb 4oz from Lanark Loch while the Annan has some good chub, the Scottish record of 6lb 2oz was taken by Lisa Breckell when she was just 10 years old.

Other species include dace on the rivers Clyde and Forth where large shoals have been observed as well as being present on the Tweed, Endrick and Leven. There are some gudgeon, ruffe and rudd and there are first class populations of roach as far north as the river Tay system. I the late 60s school mates would go up to Perth to work on the salmon netting stations. They reported that with every net retrieved numbers of large roach were landed which at that time were considered to be vermin and dispatched. Well the nets have gone, the roach are unmolested. The Scottish record roach now stands at 4lbs on the button and there is a loch in Scotland that may just excceed the 4lb 4oz British record sometime soon.

Tench can be found in Dumfries and Galloway and large bags of fish have been taken on the Forth and Clyde Canal, the record stands at exactly 10lbs taken in Castle Loch, Lochmaben.

Eels are common everywhere although not in the numbers we used to catch in the good old days.