Where to Fish - Northern Ireland - A to Z

DAERA Public Estate Waters

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Northern Ireland has some unsurpassable fishing, not just in terms of the the range of fresh water species available but in terms of the prodigious catches recorded and the incredible access at affordable prices that Ulster offers to residents and visitors. The Foyle system produces almost as many as salmon as any other system in Europe. Add in Irish hospitality and your are in for a memorable experience - so it is!

Please note that you must have a rod license to fish in Northern Ireland. The license allows you to go fishing but does not give you permission to fish. In addition to your license you will need a fishing permit for the location you chose to fish at. There are 2 licensing authorities in the North, DAERA (Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs) and Loughs Agency (Foyle, Carlingford and Irish Lights Agency).


Now this might sound a bit complex but what a deal you get in Northern Ireland.

First off you need a License which is for coarse fishing only or game and coarse fishing. The license is for the use of one rod at a time, you need to pay extra for additional rods. To buy on line go to:

DAERALicense Online Coarse Fishing

DAERA License Game / Coarse Fishing

There are number of options available for residents (including concessions for juveniles, anglers over 60 and anglers with a dsability).

For visitors to Northern Ireland there is a 14 day and a 3 day license available on line:

DAERA Visitors Licence


For DAERA permits go to:

DAERA Coarse Fishing Permits This gives access to over 50 venues

DAERA Game Fishing Permits

To buy day tickets for the river Bush go to:

DAERA Day Permits River Bush

If you do not want to buy on line and prefer to buy locally when you go to Northern Ireland here is a list of the local distributors:

DAERA License and Permit Distributors

To the rivers and loughs a DAERA permit gives you access go to

DAERA Public Estate Waters

This is a fantastic service provided by government which gives access to some of the best fishing in Ulster, including the Foyle and Mourne all at price, for an annual fee, that is less than you would pay for a day on on an average salmon river is Scotland, luck of the Irish or what? No, just good bloody good idea that should be all over these islands.

Loughs Agency

The Lough Agency covers 1,300sq miles on the productive Foyle system and 340 sq miles on the Carlingford system. Some of the best water in the UK and Ireland.

You will need a Lough Agency License and permits to fish on these waters. Licenses are available for a season, 14 days or 3 day and a juvenile license. Register On Line at:

Lough Agency License