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Old Bridge of Dee

It may be that readers will say I am exaggerating the significance of salmon fishing in Scotland but I have to say that Scotland is the home of fishing for Atlantic salmon offering the best fishing you will find any where. Big boast, well it was easy to find statistics to prove that Scotland is where you will find the very best salmon and sea trout fishing. There were over 95,000 rod caught salmon in Scotland in 2006 and the figure is rising!

I've had enough of the doom and gloom merchants urging people to go to Kola or Alaska. No wonder such anglers find themselves disillusioned when salmon fishing in Scotland. While I have, on occasion, gone for periods of time with no action I  have enjoyed every minute because I know that in Scotland salmon run all year round making fishing here truly rewarding and challenging. Nothing like a spate to get the fish on the take. Like instant mash, just add water and the dish is done.

If it is numbers you want, go to Kola, you will get fish in their 6 week or so season. If its consistent quality fishing from January to November you want, fish in Scotland. Salmon are wild, untamed creatures there to challenge your skills making them all the more special when a red letter day comes along.

In Scotland we have the lot, rivers like the North Esk or Tay offering great spring fishing. Prolific rivers like the Spey or Tweed where you will find yourself fishing in places as good as they get. Or there are the lesser known gems like the Don, Deveron and Nairn, the rivers of Ayrshire or the spate rivers of the west coats. The Where to Fish Directory for Scotland lists hundreds of places to fish for salmon and it doesn't have to cost the earth.

Over 300 / 400 fish off the Association water at Grantown, 1200 fish were taken on the Nairn AA water recently. Upwards of 18,000 fish off the Tweed in recent years, near the same off the Tay, 10,000 of the Spey and 7000 off the Deveron, the Dee is on the up and up, even the Clyde is producing fish. There is a lot of fishing out there in places that are magical, loaded with fishing lore. Just have a look at the Where to Fish Directory to find the best salmon fishing on your doorstep.