Where to Fish - Southern Ireland - A to Z

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Inland Fisheries Ireland was formed in 2010 by amalgamating the Central Fisheries Board and 7 fisheries boards. It has responsibility for the protection, management and conservation of Ireland's inland fisheries and sea angling.

 Blackwater Fisheries at dawn

Picture from Glenda Powell at Blackwater Salmon Fisheries.

You do not need a license to fish for brown trout in most of Southern Ireland (except in Donegal and Louth where you will need a Northern Ireland Lough Agency licenses for some waters.) See also the Shannon region, Midland Fisheries Group below.

A license is not required for coarse fishing (except the Shannon region see Midland Fisheries Group below) or for sea fishing.

In the Shannon Region you will need a license to fish for salmon, brown trout and coarse fish in many loughs and rivers, for details go to:

Midland Fisheries Group

Oddly enough yo do not need this permit to fish the river it's self

You will need a license for salmon and sea trout fishing any where in S. Ireland, go to:

Information on the Regulations Governing Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing in Southern Ireland

There is a lot to take in. If you are planning a visit have look at the regulations for salmon and sea trout fishing as they may change on an annual basis. In particular there are details on Open Fisheries (catch and keep for salon and sea trout allowed); Catch and Release only fisheries; Closed Fisheries, waters closed for salmon and sea trout fishing.for conservation purposes.

You will also find information on catch limits and the use of tags.

It is all a bit more complicated that in Scotland, England and Wales but by jings in Ireland, North and South, they do an excellent job making fishing available at at sensible prices even on very well known waters.