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Alton Loch

Boat and bank fishing fishing for rainbow trout and brown trout on a small loch fishery near Hawick, call 01836 339757.

May not be in operation at present.

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Checked 1/08/18

Clerklands Fly Fishery

Clerklands Clerklands Farm, Melrose, a bonnie little 4 acre fishery with a couple of boats.

Bank fishing is limited to the left side looking up from the fishing hut as the other bank along the road is covered in trees down to the waters edge.

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Call 01835870519 or 07732775845.

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Checked 01/08/18

Coldingham Loch

Situated just outside the village of Coldingham near St Abbs Head this loch is a gem. Consisting of 22 acres Coldingham loch looks perfectly natural but I believe it was man made many hundreds of years ago by monks from the nearby abbey. The loch is stocked with browns, blues and rainbows produced on site and has a reputation for big trout.

The loch is fertile, consequently it provides masses of food for the fish which grow on well. The season is from March to November for brown trout, blues and rainbows. There are restrictions on the number of rods, 20 in the 9 boats and 14 on the mile of bank fishing. I have fond memories of the loch not least of which is the day when fishing a deep sunk fly my rod tip disappeared into the water as some leviathan smashed my 6lb cast, unforgettable! Some time later I heard that a Tweed boatman lost a fish in the same area. He had it on the surface and reconed it was a 20 plus fish! Call (018907) 71960 or 07747 003588 for bookings.

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Checked 08/07/18

Kailzie Fishings

Near Peebles, 2 acre fishery, with a small bait pond for youngsters. A nice spot for the family as the grounds of the castle are attractive and there is an observatory where you can watch ospreys raise their young on a close circuit link. There is also a cafe with toilet facilities

Call 01721 729020.

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Checked 01/08/18

Watch Reservoir

The new Heridbean boats on Watch ReservoirThe Watch has been taken over in a joint venture by St Boswells and Newton AA and Kelso AA. Boat (13 boats) and bank fishing on a 120 acre loch stocked with rainbows, browns and blues. Many of the stocked fish have over wintered, may even been several years in the water - so don't expect these fish to give up without a fight. The fishing is challenging for the angler who likes to fish in a natural setting where grouse call in the heather, ospreys occasionally visit and and the air is full of the call of water fowl and waders. The best fish was a 17.5lb specimen stocked for a competition but it didn't play ball and wasn't caught for a couple of years. The lucky angler was near exhausted by the time he landed the fish (there is a story attached to this which will be told in a feature article in the online magazine) Google Map Reference 55.636976, -3.143400

Call for bookings on 01835 822650 or for the Lodge (if staffed) 01361 890331.

Under new Management See the feature on Watch at: The Watch Reservoir

Checked 01/08/18

Whinney Loch

Whinney LochOwned by Ted and Tina Wise who used to have Coldingham Loch, has been developed recently into an exceptionally fine fishery with first class facilities including a very cosy fishing lodge with a picnic and barbeque area outside all maintained by Tina's sister Margaret Nicholl. The loch is 3 acres offering fly only fishing with a single fly, barbless hooks fished on a floating line. Bank fishing for browns, rainbows and blues, reared on site, 6 to 8 rods are considered optimum although you may find up to ten when sessions overlap, the fishery is easily big enough to take that number without overcrowding. Call 018907 71838 for bookings and further information.

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Checked 01/08/18

Wooden Loch

Off the A695 near Eckford, Wooden Loch offers boat and bank fishing for rainbows and brown trout, call 01835 850788.

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Checked 01/08/18